Issues for OpenMIC - Moving Image Collections Bibliographic Utility

#SummaryIDStatusPriorityCategoryVersionLast updatedAssigned tosort icon
1Configuration - Schema Builder121closedminorfeature request1.0-beta2 years 33 weeks
2Contact Us and Report Error Buttons125closednormaltask1.0-beta2 years 33 weeks
3analogDigitalFlag controlled vocabulary terms don'612closednormalbug report1.0-beta2 years 33 weeks
4Typo111closedminorbug report1.0-beta8 years 43 weeks
5Organization address124closednormalbug report1.0-beta2 years 33 weeks
6Reference to LDAP_RUFD.php634closednormalbug report1.1-beta1 year 10 weeks
7Entering free text in the cataloging utility is ti1125closednormalfeature request1.1-beta2 years 33 weeks
8Duplicate usernames123closednormalbug report1.0-beta2 years 33 weeks
9Configurable paths with too many slashes172closednormalbug report1.0-beta8 years 40 weeks
10Adding CV terms to compressionType element makes a614closednormalbug report1.0-beta2 years 33 weeks
11Change button in the metadata entry form is confus1124closednormalfeature request1.1-beta2 years 33 weeks
12Configuration - Schema Builder122closednormalfeature request1.0-beta2 years 33 weeks
13Cannot add CV to all source types at the same time613closednormalbug report1.0-beta2 years 33 weeks
14Entering free text in the cataloging utility1123closednormalfeature request1.1-beta6 years 44 weeks
15MySQL client parsing DELIMITER in field name affec175closednormalbug report1.0-beta1 year 10 weekschadmills
16mysql schema script reports errors103closednormalbug report1.0-beta8 years 43 weekscmmills
17Working with a file containing URLs with ampersand695closednormalbug report1.1-beta2 years 33 weeksyuyang
18MySQL error #1064169closednormaltask1.0-beta8 years 40 weeksyuyang
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