Issues for BookRoom

#SummaryIDsort iconStatusPriorityCategoryLast updatedAssigned to
1telconference options below null Douglass option854closednormalbug report7 years 33 weekschadmills
2remove Dana Library Administration Conference Room855closednormaltask7 years 32 weekschadmills
3bots crawl calendar excessively917closednormaltask7 years 34 weeks
4remove return to ru logo919closedminortask7 years 35 weekschadmills
5renaming "Media Center classroom" and updating inf933closednormaltask7 years 33 weekschadmills
6Kilmer Conference Room, room mgr add939closednormaltask7 years 32 weekschadmills
7cannot un-cancel994postponedminorfeature request7 years 26 weekschadmills
8Add additional information in XML room feed1403closednormaltask6 years 6 weekschadmills
9Select multiple rooms when searching1662activenormalfeature request5 years 37 weeks
10Events using other fields1916activeminorbug report4 years 45 weekschadmills
11Filter interface lacks 2 recently added rooms2183closednormalbug report1 year 10 weekschadmills
12public browse shows event type maintenance 2306closedminorbug report4 years 5 weeksSam McDonald
13maintenance pulldown option on search page2307closedminorbug report4 years 5 weeksSam McDonald
14Public side: Filtering3583closednormalbug report50 weeks 21 hoursSam McDonald
15search results3584closedminorbug report50 weeks 17 hoursSam McDonald
16event display: back button3586closedminorbug report50 weeks 18 hoursSam McDonald
17event title chartacter issues3587postponedcriticalbug report50 weeks 18 hoursSam McDonald
18display: table width3588closedminorbug report50 weeks 20 hoursSam McDonald
19logged in. default doesn't stick3589closednormalbug report50 weeks 22 minSam McDonald
20mysqli_error3590closedcriticalbug report50 weeks 21 hoursSam McDonald
21mega menus fail (public side)3591closedminorbug report50 weeks 18 hoursSam McDonald
22scc printable at a glance3592closednormalbug report50 weeks 18 hoursSam McDonald
23email override3593closednormalbug report50 weeks 18 hoursSam McDonald
24editing error (vc event)3594closedcriticalbug report49 weeks 6 daysSam McDonald
25email formatting3595closednormalfeature request49 weeks 6 daysSam McDonald
26update email3596closednormalfeature request49 weeks 6 daysSam McDonald
27scc displays3597closedcriticalbug report49 weeks 5 daysSam McDonald
28missing letter in deleted and cancelled events ema3598closednormalbug report49 weeks 3 daysSam McDonald
29public side search filter3599closednormalbug report48 weeks 4 dayschadmills
30misc thoughts to discuss and do3600closednormaltask48 weeks 4 dayschadmills
31theming: mega menus3601closednormalbug report48 weeks 4 dayschadmills
32miscellaneous small updates3602closednormalbug report48 weeks 4 dayschadmills
33project arc/plan3603activenormaltask47 weeks 21 hourschadmills
34errors when adding new event to bookroom3604closednormalbug report47 weeks 21 hoursSam McDonald
35background color on schedule room3606closednormaltask47 weeks 21 hoursSam McDonald
36update mega menu link: news3607closednormaltask45 weeks 6 daysSam McDonald
37alchohol studies3609closednormaltask43 weeks 16 hourschadmills
38Mega menus (nav) updates3613closednormaltask43 weeks 6 daysSam McDonald
39mega menu update3614closedminortask43 weeks 16 hoursSam McDonald
40user changes..for loading script changes3617closednormaltask39 weeks 6 dayschadmills
41remove user: Fay Austin3618closednormaltask39 weeks 3 dayschadmills
42change to Art room manager3619closednormaltask38 weeks 16 hourschadmills
43some testing notes3620closednormalbug report33 weeks 19 hoursSam McDonald
44add 2 users3625closednormaltask33 weeks 23 hourschadmills
45roleout steps3626activenormalfeature request33 weeks 19 hourschadmills
46rollout, update 23627activenormaltask29 weeks 5 daysSam McDonald
47new user: Mary O'Mara. 3 related tasks3628closednormaltask29 weeks 5 dayschadmills
48When session expired user isn;t directed to log ba3629closednormalbug report29 weeks 5 daysSam McDonald
49CAS login, return to page one was on3630postponedminorfeature request29 weeks 5 dayschadmills
50link in footer wrong3631closedminorfeature request28 weeks 4 daysSam McDonald
51Uppercase buttons and main dialog links in menus3632fixednormalbug report28 weeks 5 dayschadmills
52Move login to a more prominent location; away from3633fixednormaltask28 weeks 5 dayschadmills
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