Issues for RUcore/NJDH/Partner Portal Search

#Summarysort iconIDStatusPriorityCategoryVersionLast updatedAssigned to
1"Edit My Search" loses collection selections1627closednormalbug report6.15 years 41 weeksananthan
2"faultCode0faultStringNotice:Undefined variable" e3194closednormalbug report7.6.12 years 7 weeksananthan
3"No, take me back to My Account" button does not w2432closednormalbug report7.33 years 28 weekschadmills
4"Unable to connect"1964closednormalbug report7.04 years 33 weekskzwaaf
5403 Forbidden1961closednormalbug report7.04 years 33 weekskzwaaf
6Ability to "group" terms in the browse tab1143closedminorfeature request7.04 years 33 weeksmartyb
7Active/inactive XSLT constructs623closednormalbug report5.17 years 31 weekschadmills
8Add "Submit correction" button2764Moved to JIRAnormalfeature request8.x26 weeks 3 daysjjotto
9Add a "rotate" function for images in the jpeg pag2346closednormalfeature request8.11 year 17 weeksrjantz
10Add capabilities to configure values in the drop d1105closedminorfeature request5.26 years 23 weeksmartyb
11Add capability to choose whether to diaply the col1189closednormalfeature request5.26 years 22 weeksananthan
12Add checkbox 'Include ETDs' on search screen for S2572Moved to JIRAnormalfeature request8.x26 weeks 3 dayschadmills
13Add Construct Label to field display when creating1378closedminorfeature request7.04 years 33 weeksmartyb
14Add dateIssued and dateOther to the list of fields1736closedcriticaltask6.1.25 years 20 weeksmartyb
15Add high resolution image support for multipage it3445Moved to JIRAnormaltask8.x26 weeks 3 dayschadmills
16Add high resolution image support for still images3444closednormaltask8.11 year 17 weekschadmills
17Add new method to API1142closednormaltask5.26 years 22 weekschadmills
18Add options on Contact Us "I would like to" list672closednormalfeature request5.17 years 31 weekschadmills
19Add resources to portal at ingest2891Moved to JIRAnormalfeature request8.x26 weeks 3 dayschadmills
20Add restricted files messages to portal trunk1832closednormalfeature request7.04 years 33 weekschadmills
21Add statistics logging for new URL syntax2185closednormaltask7.24 years 19 weeksjgeng
22Add story verb to resource record2560closednormalfeature request7.43 years 10 weeksjjotto
23Add Yearbooks to list of portals2353closednormaltask7.2.23 years 36 weekschadmills
24After editing a portal, software goes to Search in1957closednormalbug report7.04 years 33 weeksmartyb
25Allow administrator account access to all styles i1188closednormalfeature request5.26 years 22 weeksmartyb
26Allow empty tab labels for search styles2804closednormalfeature request7.52 years 51 weeksmartyb
27Always display "main" title in brief and full reco1341closedcriticaltask6.15 years 44 weeksananthan
28An apostrophe in a Browse term doesn't display cor3016closednormalbug report7.62 years 16 weeksananthan
29Analytic viewer - add audio support3251closednormalfeature request7.71 year 43 weekschadmills
30apostrophe's not working1355closedcriticalbug report6.15 years 45 weekschadmills
31Assess what source metadata needs to go in public 3134Moved to JIRAnormalfeature request0-anytime26 weeks 3 daysmbweber
32Author search not working in SOAR2836closedcriticalbug report7-x2 years 45 weeksjjotto
33Authors with single submission do not appear in th2789closedcriticalbug report7.52 years 45 weeksjjotto
34Background color on Browse tab used for all tab la3012closednormalbug report7.62 years 16 weeksananthan
35Bad variable named used when calling common config2501closednormalbug report7.43 years 10 weekschadmills
36BookReader OCR search sometimes fails3509closednormalbug report8.11 year 17 weekschadmills
37Browse Faculty/Department Collections link on Facu1131closednormaltask5.26 years 22 weeksrmarker
38Browse label still shows after value has been clea2664closednormalbug report7.43 years 10 weekschadmills
39Browse list: inconsistent results1997closednormaltask7-x4 years 10 weeksrmarker
40Browse lists, can't create/edit/delete790closednormalbug report5.18 years 4 dayschadmills
41Browse Scholarly Materials by Publication Year scr1277closednormalbug report5.26 years 23 weekschadmills
42Browse Term search template772closednormalbug report5.17 years 31 weekschadmills
43Browse Term with single quote doesn't work1853closednormalbug report7.04 years 33 weeksmartyb
44Bug in displaying break line between limiters and 1394closednormalbug report5.2.16 years 6 weekschadmills
45Can we re-open the question of TAR vs. ZIP for dow2215Moved to JIRAnormalfeature request8.x26 weeks 3 daysrjantz
46Can't choose Text-Images-Audio-Video2428closednormalbug report7.33 years 32 weekschadmills
47Can't click on title in search results list3025closedcriticalbug report7.62 years 16 weeksrmarker
48cannot clear selected search boxes2434closednormalbug report7.33 years 28 weeksrmarker
49Cannot set portal priority to NULL3310closednormalbug report7.71 year 43 weeksananthan
50Certain characters in collection list on advanced 1477closednormalbug report6.15 years 44 weekschadmills
51Change data retrieval methodology1147closedcriticaltask5.25 years 48 weeksananthan
52Change link text in SOAR full record from "Complet3196closednormalfeature request7.6.21 year 48 weekschadmills
53change status when there is no downloads record in1474closednormalbug report6.15 years 48 weeksjgeng
54Change the label on the "complete" record display1616closednormaltask6.15 years 43 weekstriggs
55Changed link for Djvu plugin641closednormalbug report5.17 years 31 weekschadmills
56Changing User Information - Change group792closednormalbug report5.17 years 31 weekschadmills
57Checking a facet causes other facets to be automat3085closednormalbug report7.62 years 16 weeksananthan
58Chinese display is not correct in IE1635closedcriticalbug report6.15 years 43 weeksjgeng
59Clarify that Select Files is a download option2042closednormalfeature request8.11 year 17 weeksaletia.morgan
60Clear Selected options2451closednormaltask7.52 years 45 weeksrmarker
61Clicking on Subjects in record retrieves keywords,1637closedcriticalbug report6.15 years 43 weekscarlazim
62Collection link fails in RUresearch portal1634closednormalbug report6.14 years 38 weeksananthan
63Complete record does not display3225closedcriticalbug report7.6.12 years 3 weekschadmills
64Configure the portal tool for new Subject (tempora3387closedcriticaltask7-x1 year 22 weeksmartyb
65Consider adding a line graph in the Faculty Search2463postponednormalbug report8.11 year 25 weeksjjotto
66Create JPEG Pageturner functioanlity2301closednormalfeature request7.2.23 years 27 weekschadmills
67Create ROLE index2997closednormalfeature request7.62 years 16 weeksananthan
68Database Management Tool - Saving/updating ssBrows1738closednormalbug report7.04 years 37 weeksananthan
69Database Management Tool - update ssPortal table1720closedcriticalbug report6-x5 years 21 weekschadmills
70Date does not display if point attribute is -start3026closedcriticalbug report7.5.12 years 16 weeksrmarker
71date range problem2892closednormalbug report7.52 years 51 weekschadmills
72Default resource display - when visiting directly3116closednormalfeature request7.71 year 43 weeksananthan
73Default styles are wrong when creating a new porta1740closednormalbug report7.04 years 33 weeksmartyb
74Define portal type during creation1190closednormalfeature request5.26 years 23 weeksmartyb
75Delete users from Search Portal Tool1165closednormaltask5.26 years 22 weeksmartyb
76Deselecting selected search result items leads to 2404closednormalbug report7.33 years 28 weekscarlazim
77Display DescriptiveEvent - AssociatedObject - Iden3213Moved to JIRAnormalfeature request0-anytime26 weeks 3 daysmartyb
78Display Impact Statstics in Faculty Portal1780closednormalfeature request7.04 years 33 weekschadmills
79Display link to see all versions2558closednormaltask7.43 years 10 weeksjjotto
80Display Name on Search Result list847closednormalfeature request5.27 years 25 weekschadmills
81Display of multiple dates is confusing2262closednormalbug report7.43 years 10 weeksjjotto
82Display title parts in all displays1144closednormaltask5.26 years 23 weeksmartyb
83Displaying of non metadata functionality in full r2221closednormaltask7.24 years 10 weeksananthan
84Do not display DC in Complete Record display1498closednormaltask6.15 years 45 weekstriggs
85Document viewing with limited capability2853closednormalfeature request7.52 years 45 weekskwhite2
86DOI link is confusing to the user2226closednormaltask7.24 years 10 weeksrmarker
87Double quote browse terms753closednormalbug report5.26 years 22 weeksananthan
88Download count mismatch1336closednormalbug report5.26 years 23 weekschadmills
89Dragging items to order the list [the netflix-esqu784closednormalbug report5.17 years 31 weekschadmills
90Duplicate collection in tree case an issue1362closedcriticalbug report5.26 years 21 weekschadmills
91Dynamic bibliography feature2838closednormalfeature request7.52 years 45 weekschadmills
92EAD Play method2753closednormalbug report7.52 years 45 weeksananthan
93Edit horizontal toolbar legend at top of many RUco2229closednormalbug report7.24 years 10 weekschadmills
94Editing Fonts Colors in Stylizer doesn't work1559closednormalbug report6.15 years 44 weekschadmills
95Editing Title of Browse List1119closednormalbug report5.26 years 22 weeksananthan
96Eliminate one click for downloading, printing, ema2752Moved to JIRAnormalfeature request8.x26 weeks 3 dayschadmills
97Embargo XACML policy takes the user to Shib. authe1161closednormalbug report5.26 years 22 weekschadmills
98Embeded file restriciton message3392Moved to JIRAnormalfeature request8.x1 year 11 weeksrmarker
99Empty field labels - better support NULL value2850Moved to JIRAnormaltask8.x1 year 11 weekschadmills
100Enable on screen display of PHP errors in dependin1479closednormaltask6.15 years 45 weekschadmills
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