Issues for RUcore/NJDH/Partner Portal Search

#SummaryIDStatusPriorityCategoryVersionLast updatedsort iconAssigned to
1RUetd Search Portal253closednormalbug report4.5.28 years 36 weekschadmills
2unicode searching with amberfish386closednormalfeature request5.08 years 30 weekstriggs
3Forgot your password? form can't take emails with 762closednormalbug report5.18 years 1 weekchadmills
4IE8 Interface problems776closednormalbug report5.18 years 1 weekchadmills
5Update your information (with regards to selecting777closednormalbug report5.18 years 1 weekchadmills
6IE7 Stylizer Interface bugs782closednormalbug report5.18 years 1 weekchadmills
7IE7 Problems775closednormalbug report5.18 years 1 weekchadmills
8Browse lists, can't create/edit/delete790closednormalbug report5.18 years 4 dayschadmills
9Multiple Related Item searching810closednormalbug report5.18 years 2 dayschadmills
10Statistics under portal should link to FS_cmsr dir818closednormaltask5.17 years 51 weekschadmills
11Stylizer - Search Menu - Help Menus521closednormaltask5.17 years 31 weekschadmills
12Stylizer - Search menu - Search Forms519closednormaltask5.17 years 31 weekschadmills
13Manage - Send mesasges to groups of users715closednormaltask5.17 years 31 weekschadmills
14urldecode()633closednormaltask5.17 years 31 weekschadmills
15Stylizer - Search Menu - Browse Lists520closednormaltask5.17 years 31 weekschadmills
16Manage - Portal Management714closednormaltask5.17 years 31 weekschadmills
17Tighten up configuration variable scope used by se721closednormaltask5.17 years 31 weekschadmills
18Help Menu720closednormaltask5.17 years 31 weekschadmills
19Stylizer - Set default styles for group and system718closednormaltask5.17 years 31 weekschadmills
20Manage - Update personal information717closednormaltask5.17 years 31 weekschadmills
21Manage - Statistics716closednormaltask5.17 years 31 weekschadmills
22Remove broken link from NIH Submission page897closedcriticalbug report5.17 years 31 weekschadmills
23position of the open in a new window option783closednormalbug report5.17 years 31 weekschadmills
24XACML policy and Search XML datastream809closedcriticalbug report5.17 years 31 weekschadmills
25Changing User Information - Change group792closednormalbug report5.17 years 31 weekschadmills
26Stylizer! - Search Form Tool template773closednormalbug report5.17 years 31 weekschadmills
27Font and Color template advanced search update771closednormalbug report5.17 years 31 weekschadmills
28Browse Term search template772closednormalbug report5.17 years 31 weekschadmills
29RUcore/NJDH/ETD/Faculty Deposit simple search767closednormalbug report5.17 years 31 weekschadmills
30Stylizer - Fonts & Colors - search criteria boxes518closednormalbug report5.17 years 31 weekschadmills
31Add options on Contact Us "I would like to" list672closednormalfeature request5.17 years 31 weekschadmills
32Changed link for Djvu plugin641closednormalbug report5.17 years 31 weekschadmills
33IE 6/7 URL length616closednormalbug report5.17 years 31 weekschadmills
34Some special characters do not display properly660closednormalbug report5.17 years 31 weekschadmills
35Partner Portal results page encoding478closednormalbug report5.07 years 31 weekschadmills
36Active/inactive XSLT constructs623closednormalbug report5.17 years 31 weekschadmills
37Dragging items to order the list [the netflix-esqu784closednormalbug report5.17 years 31 weekschadmills
38Video object handling in service agent/display876closednormalbug report5.1.17 years 29 weekstriggs
39Display Name on Search Result list847closednormalfeature request5.27 years 25 weekschadmills
40outputsmil.php redirect link gives "Access is not 1094closedminorbug report5.27 years 5 weekschadmills
41Replace short tags with long tags885closednormalbug report5.26 years 29 weekschadmills
42Download count mismatch1336closednormalbug report5.26 years 23 weekschadmills
43Searching not working in test RUCore1334closednormalbug report5.26 years 23 weekschadmills
44Browse Scholarly Materials by Publication Year scr1277closednormalbug report5.26 years 23 weekschadmills
45Number of records to diaply not carrying over1121closednormalbug report5.26 years 23 weekschadmills
46Remove MARC record link from all full record displ1186closednormaltask5.26 years 23 weekschadmills
47New dialog button in results screen too large1066closednormalbug report5.26 years 23 weeksananthan
48Search by Collection Types in RUcore 938closednormalfeature request5.26 years 23 weeksananthan
49Share This button on full record displays and show1009closednormalfeature request5.26 years 23 weeksananthan
50Add capabilities to configure values in the drop d1105closedminorfeature request5.26 years 23 weeksmartyb
51Fix typos on Welcome screen for Search Portal Tool1062closedminorbug report5.26 years 23 weeksmartyb
52Define portal type during creation1190closednormalfeature request5.26 years 23 weeksmartyb
53Make the label in the search form configurable1187closednormalfeature request5.26 years 23 weeksmartyb
54Display title parts in all displays1144closednormaltask5.26 years 23 weeksmartyb
55Integrate Stats API for reporting of statistics1153closednormaltask5.26 years 23 weeksjgeng
56right side link is not working (View Search Statis1342closednormalbug report5.26 years 23 weekschadmills
57Query portal is not working well1343closednormalbug report5.26 years 23 weekschadmills
58Editing Title of Browse List1119closednormalbug report5.26 years 22 weeksananthan
59Add capability to choose whether to diaply the col1189closednormalfeature request5.26 years 22 weeksananthan
60Exclude collection objects from the results list1048closednormaltask5.26 years 22 weeksananthan
61Embargo XACML policy takes the user to Shib. authe1161closednormalbug report5.26 years 22 weekschadmills
62Only display first JPEG if a series exists with an1226closednormalbug report5.26 years 22 weeksananthan
63Double quote browse terms753closednormalbug report5.26 years 22 weeksananthan
64Error in apache log - Pipe Broken1328closedcriticalbug report5.26 years 22 weekschadmills
65Selecting hyperlinked subjects from full record di1004closednormalbug report5.26 years 22 weeksananthan
66UTF-8 encoding1137closednormalbug report5.26 years 22 weekschadmills
67Foreign character browse terms754closednormalbug report5.26 years 22 weeksananthan
68Add new method to API1142closednormaltask5.26 years 22 weekschadmills
69Browse Faculty/Department Collections link on Facu1131closednormaltask5.26 years 22 weeksrmarker
70Link back to RUL home page886closednormalfeature request5.26 years 22 weekschadmills
71Delete users from Search Portal Tool1165closednormaltask5.26 years 22 weeksmartyb
72Allow administrator account access to all styles i1188closednormalfeature request5.26 years 22 weeksmartyb
73Requesting and integrating collection owner inform1141closednormaltask5.26 years 22 weekschadmills
74General Resources shadow sub-collection?1356closednormalbug report5.26 years 21 weekschadmills
75Duplicate collection in tree case an issue1362closedcriticalbug report5.26 years 21 weekschadmills
76Bug in displaying break line between limiters and 1394closednormalbug report5.2.16 years 6 weekschadmills
77iframe Search Agent nobr bug1392closednormalbug report5.2.16 years 6 weekschadmills
78Versioned datastreams not being fully served1476closedcriticalbug report5.2.15 years 48 weekschadmills
79Change data retrieval methodology1147closedcriticaltask5.25 years 48 weeksananthan
80Unexpected search results when title search is per937closednormalfeature request5.25 years 48 weekstriggs
81where am I in the collection?1357closednormalfeature request5.25 years 48 weekschadmills
82change status when there is no downloads record in1474closednormalbug report6.15 years 48 weeksjgeng
83Enable on screen display of PHP errors in dependin1479closednormaltask6.15 years 45 weekschadmills
84apostrophe's not working1355closedcriticalbug report6.15 years 45 weekschadmills
85Do not display DC in Complete Record display1498closednormaltask6.15 years 45 weekstriggs
86Editing Fonts Colors in Stylizer doesn't work1559closednormalbug report6.15 years 44 weekschadmills
87Search/View a portal in same window doesn't contin1557closednormalfeature request6.15 years 44 weeksmartyb
88split() function deprecation in class.curl-client.1446closednormalbug report6.15 years 44 weekschadmills
89ereg() is deprecated in /mellon/htdocs/rucore/sear1447closednormalbug report6.15 years 44 weekschadmills
90Certain characters in collection list on advanced 1477closednormalbug report6.15 years 44 weekschadmills
91simplexml_load_file not interacting when debugging1382closednormalbug report6.15 years 44 weekschadmills
92Always display "main" title in brief and full reco1341closedcriticaltask6.15 years 44 weeksananthan
93When editing Search Form, filter not removed1606closednormalbug report6.15 years 44 weeksmartyb
94Change the label on the "complete" record display1616closednormaltask6.15 years 43 weekstriggs
95Error notice index.php while in Scholarly Research1632closednormalbug report6.15 years 43 weekschadmills
96Clicking on Subjects in record retrieves keywords,1637closedcriticalbug report6.15 years 43 weekscarlazim
97In IE under "the Switch to search portal" and "go1629closedminorbug report6.15 years 43 weeksjgeng
98Chinese display is not correct in IE1635closedcriticalbug report6.15 years 43 weeksjgeng
99Search RUcore Tab - Differentiation of Advanced Po1633closednormalbug report6.15 years 43 weekschadmills
100subtitles and part names, part numbers not display1375postponednormalfeature request6-x5 years 42 weeksrmarker
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