Issues for RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)

#SummaryIDStatussort iconPriorityCategoryVersionLast updatedAssigned to
801Item (7112) has been submited to WMS from FD with 2272closedcriticalbug report7.33 years 28 weeksjgeng
802Add ability to copy metadata mapping2343closednormalfeature request7.33 years 28 weekspkonin
803Received a successful submission message although 2375closednormalbug report7.43 years 9 weeksjgeng
804when deleting a presentation file object architect2435closednormalbug report7.33 years 28 weeksyuyang
805Source MD: Cylinder and analog disc -- physicalPro2459closednormalbug report7.71 year 43 weeksananthan
806Include cover sheets for FD articles2510closednormalfeature request7.43 years 9 weeksyuyang
807Provide a list of file names option allows only up2548closedcriticalbug report7.43 years 9 weeksibeard
808Could not ingest excel file2583closednormalbug report7.43 years 9 weeksmatthew.gallagher
809After submitting file, status messages conflict2613closednormalbug report7.43 years 9 weeksjjotto
810You can remove grantee name on FD form, but on Vie2695closedminorbug report7.43 years 9 weeksjjotto
811Change wording of "work for hire" choice on Intell2742closednormaltask7.52 years 45 weeksrmarker
812Ingest status is set to Failed although the object2882closednormalbug report7.52 years 45 weeksananthan
813My Submitted Works is showing inappropriate error 2986closedcriticalbug report7.62 years 16 weeksananthan
814Make changes to deposit form3033closednormalfeature request7.71 year 43 weeksananthan
815Please remove statement from the Intellectual Prop3076closedcriticalbug report7.62 years 16 weeksjjotto
816DIR download: file names are not displayed when do3114closednormalbug report7.62 years 16 weeksananthan
817In notification message to author, apostrophe does3250closednormalbug report8.x1 year 43 weeksananthan
818A newly created record has a status=OPEN3308closednormalbug report7.71 year 43 weeksananthan
819Cover sheet is wrong for book chapter3329closednormalbug report7.71 year 43 weeksananthan
820High Resolution Image Support3437closednormaltask8.11 year 10 weekschadmills
821Error converting TIFF files when uploading to WMS3475closednormalbug report8.0.11 year 22 weeksyuyang
822Free text266closednormalbug report5.08 years 26 weeksyuyang
823Upload of avi from server disallowed296closednormalbug report5.08 years 26 weeksyuyang
824Moving Image Object: Unable to Save metadata, All 336closednormalbug report5.08 years 31 weeks
825Faculty Collections -- Can't view XML406closednormalbug report5.08 years 26 weeksyuyang
826Source Technical Incormation - Source Type451closednormalbug report5.08 years 28 weeksyuyang
827machine name in the handle string495closednormalbug report5.08 years 27 weeksyuyang
828Fedora PIDs are missing in RELS-INT "about" target578closednormalbug report5.08 years 22 weeksyuyang
829Rights MD information lost during ETD import683closedcriticalbug report5.17 years 50 weeksyuyang
830Tech MD - Sound Present 727closednormalbug report5.07 years 52 weeksyuyang
831Embargo and rights events 759closedcriticalbug report5.26 years 26 weeksjgeng
832SMAP datastream missing820closednormalbug report5.15 years 44 weeksyuyang
833Empty elements in the XML 914closednormalbug report5.17 years 29 weeksjjotto
834extra "/" in the URL979closednormalbug report5.1.17 years 29 weeks
835Fac Deposit: IPR page change "Step 2"1045closednormaltask5.26 years 24 weeksjgeng
836Handle ID should not be in the template record 1106closedcriticalbug report5.25 years 44 weeksyuyang
837Unable to enter metadata in source technical when 1192closedcriticalbug report5.26 years 22 weeksyuyang
838save didn't work1213closednormalbug report5.26 years 24 weeksyuyang
839lost the local option under geographic subject1235closednormalbug report5.25 years 45 weeksyuyang
840MEtadata lost when you hit "Next" from the last ta1251closednormalbug report5.26 years 23 weeksyuyang
841Create Internet Media Type for Faculty Deposit res1267closednormalbug report6.15 years 45 weeksjgeng
842"Sort by this date" option should only appear in o1284closednormalbug report5.26 years 24 weeksrmarker
843EXIT button on Digital File Handler screen goes to1309closednormalbug report5.26 years 23 weeksyuyang
844No relatedItem information written in the resource1348closedcriticalbug report5.26 years 22 weeksyuyang
845Metadata Input Error message prevents record save1389closedcriticalbug report6.15 years 46 weeksjjotto
846request for forced alphabetization of CV terms1494closednormalfeature request6.15 years 45 weeksananthan
847PHP deprecated messages in dwms/common/util/xmlrpc1551closednormalbug report6.15 years 45 weeksyuyang
848Create a template based on a record from another c1652closednormalfeature request7.04 years 33 weekslisun
849Apostrophe in abstract causes a MySQL error 1712closedcriticalbug report6.25 years 3 weeksrmarker
850Note on Faculty Deposit form1757closednormalfeature request6.25 years 3 weeksananthan
851In Fedora I/O retrieved records list should stay a1814closednormalbug report7.04 years 33 weeksjjotto
852Other Note text within quotation marks disappears1900closednormalbug report7.04 years 33 weeksrmarker
853Use customized input form (short version) - REVERT1920closednormalbug report7.62 years 16 weeksmatthew.gallagher
854Date of journal entry in Faculty Deposit1950closednormaltask7.04 years 33 weeksjgeng
855I got ingest error here1976closednormalbug report7.04 years 33 weeksyuyang
856WMS can potentially cause php run out of memory wh2132closedcriticalbug report7.14 years 18 weeksyuyang
857Collection info in WMS is not changed after editin2178closednormalbug report7.24 years 20 weeksyuyang
858IE 8 display problem2273closednormalbug report7.33 years 28 weeksananthan
859Presentation JPEGs for typeOfResource = text2344closedcriticalfeature request7.43 years 9 weekschadmills
860Cannot ingest into fedora if digital files of more2380closedcriticalbug report7.33 years 28 weekslisun
861Two issues related to SSO/FD and WMS (used Chrome)2436closednormalbug report7.33 years 28 weeksyuyang
862Source MD: Cylinder - unable to update CV for devi2460closednormalbug report7.71 year 43 weeksananthan
863Virus scan using Clam2514closednormalfeature request7.42 years 51 weeksananthan
864Uploading presentation files as a DIR2549closednormalbug report7.43 years 9 weeksyuyang
865Could not ingest a URL link2584closednormalbug report7.43 years 9 weeksmatthew.gallagher
866EAD special file policy issue2696closednormalbug report7.43 years 9 weeksyuyang
867Subject keyword on deposit form is truncated on Vi2743closednormalbug report7.52 years 45 weeksjjotto
868A few MODS elements are not populating with batch 2812closednormalbug report7.71 year 43 weeksananthan
869Coversheet feature - checksum2884closednormalbug report7.52 years 45 weeksyuyang
870Deposit prevented when depositor selects 'Review' 2939closedcriticalbug report7.52 years 31 weeksananthan
871Add print option and hyperlink title on My Submitt2990closednormalfeature request7.62 years 16 weeksjjotto
872Php notice: undefined index terms when you assign 3038closednormalbug report7.62 years 16 weekschadmills
873copyright date - problem3077closednormalbug report7.62 years 16 weekspaul
874Revise deposit notifications for accuracy3252closednormalbug report7.71 year 43 weeksananthan
875Fedora ingest should make all post-ingest errors w3309closednormaltask7.71 year 43 weeksananthan
876DOI doesn't validate when submitting a corrected v3330closednormalbug report7.71 year 43 weeksananthan
877A few minor staging server issues3367closednormalbug report7.71 year 43 weeksananthan
878In SOAR deposits, thumbnail is a black blank3449closedcriticalbug report8.0.11 year 21 weeksyuyang
8798.1 testing 5/2 - WMS fails to upload data files f3476closednormalbug report8.11 year 17 weeksananthan
880Coversheet for Unidentified version labels it as A3508closednormalbug report8.0.11 year 17 weeksananthan
881OpenWMS: SAVE requires object architecture267closednormalbug report5.08 years 35 weeksyuyang
882can not delete existing files297closednormalbug report5.08 years 31 weeksyuyang
883fatal error while attempting to edit Fedora object337closednormalbug report5.08 years 32 weeksyuyang
884Can't search for objects in Fedora from WMS407closednormalbug report5.08 years 28 weeksyuyang
885Unable to enter CV - extentUnit and conditionEvalu452closednormalbug report5.08 years 28 weeksyuyang
886Last Valid Byte Of Block -- Order of Elements in S496closednormalbug report5.08 years 28 weeksyuyang
887Desc MD - Note - disappearing580closedcriticalbug report5.07 years 50 weeksyuyang
888All events in all metadata sections - identifier r689closednormalbug report5.17 years 50 weeksyuyang
889Edit Collection Hierarchy728closedcriticalbug report5.1.17 years 30 weeksyuyang
890Marc Export of ETDs -- no 245 tag760closedcriticalbug report5.07 years 51 weeksyuyang
891Presentation format element - can't delete free-te822closedcriticalbug report5.25 years 44 weeksyuyang
892Subject - Name - CV authority916closedcriticalbug report5.17 years 29 weeksjjotto
893RUcore rights statement pop-up image missing980closednormalbug report5.1.17 years 29 weeks
894Imported ETDs are still showing up on the Import s1047closedcriticalbug report5.1.1-patch6 years 32 weeksyuyang
895qualifier misspelled in originInfo1110closedcriticalbug report5.26 years 22 weekschadmills
896lost important functionality from last release1197closednormalfeature request5.26 years 23 weeksyuyang
897Add more date issued button does not generate disp1214closednormalbug report5.26 years 24 weeksyuyang
898problem with corporate/org name1236closednormalbug report5.26 years 20 weeksyuyang
899Remove "Next" button from the bottom if all metada1252closednormalbug report5.26 years 24 weeksyuyang
900Capitalize note for peer-reviewed articles in Facu1268closednormalbug report5.26 years 24 weeksjgeng
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