Issues for RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)

#SummaryIDsort iconStatusPriorityCategoryVersionLast updatedAssigned to
801Change wording of "work for hire" choice on Intell2742closednormaltask7.52 years 45 weeksrmarker
802Subject keyword on deposit form is truncated on Vi2743closednormalbug report7.52 years 45 weeksjjotto
803In Authorizint a person to deposit I don't agree t2748closednormalbug report7.43 years 3 weeksjgeng
804For R7.5 -- status in "My submitted works/collecti2749closednormalbug report7.52 years 45 weeksananthan
805Make Date required for ingest2758closednormalfeature request7.62 years 16 weeksmbweber
806Record the WMS user's last login2759closednormalfeature request7.52 years 45 weeksrmarker
807mods:publisher on form is easily confused with mod2761closednormalfeature request7.62 years 16 weeksananthan
808Cover sheet for Accepted Manuscript not displaying2770closednormalbug report7.52 years 45 weeksananthan
809Save and Continue does not work for creating new t2773closedcriticalbug report7.52 years 22 weekscarlazim
810Cover sheet does not give current version informat2778closedcriticalbug report7.52 years 45 weeksrmarker
811Image file names and non-RUcore DOIs in mods:ident2790closedcriticaltask7.42 years 51 weeksmbweber
812My Submitted Works generates error message -- tes2793closedcriticalbug report7.6.12 years 7 weeksjjotto
813Cover sheet citation for RUcore should take date v2798closednormalbug report7.52 years 19 weeksyuyang
814Two new required questions pertaining to version a2803closedcriticalbug report7.52 years 45 weeksjjotto
815Provide a print option on the View Summary page2808closednormalfeature request7.62 years 16 weeksananthan
816Add ability to enable/disable file policies in WMS2810Moved to JIRAnormalfeature request8.x26 weeks 6 daysyuyang
817Add ability to change datastream label2811Moved to JIRAnormalfeature request8.x26 weeks 6 daysyuyang
818A few MODS elements are not populating with batch 2812closednormalbug report7.71 year 43 weeksananthan
819XSL for DOI metadata converting '7' into ampersand2834closednormalbug report7.52 years 45 weeksyuyang
820Corporate/Organization Name does not properly impo2841closednormalbug report7.62 years 16 weekspkonin
821Personal Name has incorrect or missing role metada2842closednormalbug report7.62 years 16 weekspkonin
822Add ability to configure category (genre) terms in2848closednormalfeature request7.62 years 16 weeksananthan
823Batch Import of EAD Marc files is not extracting a2849closednormalbug report7.42 years 19 weekscradick
824Allow a depositor to submit a same version that is2852postponednormalfeature request7.62 years 27 weeksyuyang
825the URL version of the ORVID is autopopulated2861closednormalbug report7.52 years 45 weekstriggs
826Faculty Deposit / Department Listings2862closednormalbug report7.52 years 45 weeksyuyang
827Coversheet feature dropping ALT_IDS and LABEL attr2865closednormalbug report7.52 years 45 weeksyuyang
828php error log - FedCoverSheetBuilder.php2871closednormalbug report7.52 years 45 weeksyuyang
829Collection managers can't create file processing t2872closednormalbug report7.52 years 45 weeksananthan
830A few problems with 'My Submitted Works'2873closednormalbug report7.52 years 45 weeksjjotto
831Non-faculty collection generates notification that2875closedcriticalbug report7.52 years 45 weeksananthan
832 Version term problem2876closednormalbug report7.52 years 51 weeksjgeng
833Ingest status is set to Failed although the object2882closednormalbug report7.52 years 45 weeksananthan
834Coversheet feature - checksum2884closednormalbug report7.52 years 45 weeksyuyang
835Processing digital files message has typographical2886closednormalbug report7.52 years 45 weeksjjotto
836If the depositor says there is another version in 2887closedcriticalbug report7.62 years 16 weeksrmarker
837Faculty member collection name does not conform to2896closednormalbug report7.52 years 45 weeksyuyang
838Refworks mapping2898closednormaltask7.62 years 31 weeksmbweber
839Generate a range of jpeg images2911closednormalfeature request7.62 years 16 weeksananthan
840Cover sheet-Title and volume number should be ital2913closedcriticalbug report7.62 years 16 weeksjjotto
841Incorrect status displayed in the list of resource2914postponednormalbug report7.62 years 27 weeksyuyang
842Replacing a file submitted through Scholar Deposit2916Moved to JIRAnormalfeature request8.x26 weeks 6 daysjgeng
843After I deposit on someone else's behalf, I am not2918closednormalbug report7.62 years 16 weeksananthan
844add javascripts to check the date if formatted as 2919closednormaltask7.62 years 16 weeksananthan
845Required fields on the faculty deposit form2920closednormalbug report7.62 years 16 weeksananthan
846Thumbnail generation of first page of large PDF do2921closednormalbug report7.62 years 16 weeksananthan
847MARCXML to MODS3.5 revisions2922postponednormaltask7.62 years 30 weeksyuyang
848Need ability to enter multiple Other Dates with st2925closednormalbug report7.62 years 16 weeksananthan
849Can't delete NISO_JAV genre metadata2934postponednormalbug report7.62 years 22 weeksrmarker
850Deposit prevented when depositor selects 'Review' 2939closedcriticalbug report7.52 years 31 weeksananthan
851Deposit form supplies ORCID but then doesn't like 2940closednormalbug report7.52 years 42 weeksjjotto
852Deposit Form options under 'Sponsoring Agency-Nati2942closednormalbug report7.62 years 16 weeksananthan
853New term source in date other type does not stick2949closednormalbug report7.5.12 years 31 weeksyuyang
854NULL school created in RUFD collection2950closednormalbug report7.5.12 years 31 weeksyuyang
855DOI script produces Title errors2958closednormalbug report7.5.22 years 31 weeksyuyang
856School collection ID is not padded to 5 digits2959closedcriticalbug report7.5.22 years 31 weeksyuyang
857Allow only one (each) start and end date in dateTi2962postponednormalfeature request7.62 years 28 weeksyuyang
858Non-author name is showing up in the cover sheet c2964closedcriticalbug report7.6.12 years 7 weeksananthan
859Non-admin user can create a custom form2968closednormalbug report7.62 years 16 weeksananthan
860Add two additional dates to DOI XSLT2970closednormaltask7.5.22 years 31 weeksyuyang
861Add new roles to DOI XSLT2971closednormalbug report7.5.22 years 31 weeksyuyang
862Batch import issue - template with special charact2973closedcriticalbug report7.62 years 16 weeksananthan
863Cover sheet not displaying diacritics correctly2984closedcriticalbug report7.62 years 16 weeksananthan has typo in subject line2985closednormalbug report7.62 years 16 weeksjjotto
865My Submitted Works is showing inappropriate error 2986closedcriticalbug report7.62 years 16 weeksananthan
866Add print option and hyperlink title on My Submitt2990closednormalfeature request7.62 years 16 weeksjjotto
867DOI "reserved" state and personal name metadata is2995closednormalbug report7.62 years 16 weeksananthan
868My Submitted Works is broken2999closedcriticalbug report8.11 year 10 weeksananthan
869My Collection Statistics is broken3000closedcriticalbug report7.71 year 43 weeksrmarker
870Load LDAP spreadsheet to department-school table i3007closednormaltask8.126 weeks 6 daysrmarker
871Save and Continue generates error message 3008postponedcriticalbug report7.62 years 30 weeksyuyang
872my submitted works not work correctly3011closednormalbug report7.62 years 16 weeksananthan
873Include middle initial in author name on cover she3017Moved to JIRAnormalfeature request7.71 year 11 weeksmbweber
874Change group email address from fac-deposit-manage3018closednormalfeature request7.62 years 16 weeksananthan
875Please remove asterisk from the "What is ORCID?" l3019closednormalfeature request7.62 years 16 weeksananthan
876Add web url for objects in Fedora when FD call web3021closednormaltask7.62 years 16 weeksananthan
877 change $cfg['rufd_manager_email'] value to soar@r3022closednormaltask7.62 years 16 weeksananthan
878Enable return to deposit form from My Account3029Moved to JIRAnormalfeature request8.x25 weeks 6 daysananthan
879Selecting 'Add more' on the deposit form makes the3030closednormalbug report7.62 years 16 weeksananthan
880Supply date for newly created school/department/fa3031closednormalbug report8.11 year 10 weeksananthan
881Make changes to deposit form3033closednormalfeature request7.71 year 43 weeksananthan
882Php notice: undefined index terms when you assign 3038closednormalbug report7.62 years 16 weekschadmills
883PHP Warning : StatusChecker_Dfile::StatusChecker_D3055closednormalbug report7.62 years 16 weekschadmills
884PHP fatal error - auditInternalAction()3056closednormalbug report7.62 years 16 weekschadmills
885DOI is hyperlinked on the summary page and if you 3057closednormalbug report7.71 year 43 weeksjjotto
886PHp Warning : VirusScanner.php3059closednormalbug report7.62 years 16 weekschadmills
887PHP Warning : CustomPipeline.php3060closednormalbug report7.62 years 16 weekschadmills
888Unable to upload additional files to a resource3061closednormalbug report7.62 years 16 weeksyuyang
889Not all files created when importing ETD with mult3063closednormalbug report7.62 years 16 weekspkonin
890DIR Upload Error3064closednormalbug report7.62 years 16 weeksananthan
891Revise the text on the “Processing Digital Files” 3065closedcriticalbug report7.71 year 43 weeksjgeng
892Incorrect use of exiftool in determining file type3069closedcriticalbug report7.62 years 22 weeksibeard
893IE10 display issue3070closednormalbug report7.62 years 16 weekschadmills
894"Free text option not specified" is added to CV te3071closednormalbug report7.62 years 16 weeksananthan
895MASTER M4V file upload not working3072closednormalbug report7.62 years 16 weeksmatthew.gallagher
896Source Metadata - Extent value - capitalization er3074closednormalbug report7.62 years 16 weeksmatthew.gallagher
897Please remove statement from the Intellectual Prop3076closedcriticalbug report7.62 years 16 weeksjjotto
898copyright date - problem3077closednormalbug report7.62 years 16 weekspaul
899Cover sheet -- citation title is printed without a3079closedcriticalbug report7.62 years 16 weeksananthan
900Version information missing for genre: Conference 3080closednormalbug report7.6.12 years 7 weeksananthan
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