Issues for RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)

#SummaryIDStatussort iconPriorityCategoryVersionLast updatedAssigned to
501PDF presentation file creation options do not incl2000closednormalbug report7.04 years 38 weeks
502Faculty collection name must be fixed2045closedcriticalbug report7.43 years 9 weeksrmarker
503Batch Import problems with the letter t2164closednormalbug report7.24 years 17 weeksyuyang
504404 Error when logging in2205closedcriticalbug report7.24 years 12 weeksyuyang
505Not standard unicode character apparently causes W2254closednormalbug report7.33 years 28 weeksrjantz
506After attaching video files, full/default input fo2324closednormalbug report7.52 years 45 weeks
507Regenerate smap at ingest2366closednormalfeature request7.62 years 16 weeksananthan
508Source MD: Cylinder -- Length in Source MD should 2454closednormalbug report7.71 year 43 weeksananthan
509content models add new ones, update from Rhonda's 2505closednormaltask7.43 years 9 weeksananthan
510Change label on Publication date field to ‘Date’ 2543closednormalfeature request7.43 years 9 weeksjjotto
511Required Copyright Holder question is pre-selected2605closednormalfeature request7.43 years 9 weeksjjotto
512Sponsoring agency is written twice in the metadata2678closednormalbug report7.43 years 9 weeksjjotto
513Add instruction for how to input volume and issue 2715closednormalfeature request7.52 years 45 weeksjjotto
514My Submitted Works generates error message -- tes2793closedcriticalbug report7.6.12 years 7 weeksjjotto
515php error log - FedCoverSheetBuilder.php2871closednormalbug report7.52 years 45 weeksyuyang
516add javascripts to check the date if formatted as 2919closednormaltask7.62 years 16 weeksananthan
517Add two additional dates to DOI XSLT2970closednormaltask7.5.22 years 31 weeksyuyang
518Add web url for objects in Fedora when FD call web3021closednormaltask7.62 years 16 weeksananthan
519Incorrect use of exiftool in determining file type3069closedcriticalbug report7.62 years 22 weeksibeard
520Resources in "No collection affiliation" collectio3104closednormalbug report7.62 years 16 weeksyuyang
521Unable to perform fedora edit3179closedcriticalbug report7.6.12 years 12 weeksyuyang
522Uploading zip files during batch import behaves di3229closednormalbug report7.71 year 46 weeksliny4
523CV terms not displaying in technical metadata3302closedcriticalbug report7.71 year 43 weeksananthan
524User is not prevented from depositing multiple for3324closednormalbug report7.71 year 43 weeksananthan
525Incorrect grammar and missing option on deposit fo3415closednormalbug report8.11 year 10 weeksananthan
526pmcid maps incorrectly3469closednormalbug report8.11 year 10 weeksananthan
527SMAP checksum not re-calculated3493closednormalbug report8.0.11 year 21 weeksyuyang
528foxml 1.1 issues291closedcriticalbug report5.08 years 30 weeksyuyang
529Warning message during ingest328closednormalbug report5.08 years 32 weeks
530Batch Import of metadata and digital files362closednormalbug report5.08 years 26 weeksyuyang
531SUBJECT (NAME)441closednormalbug report5.08 years 28 weeksyuyang
532Upload Sample Records Screen -- Remove or Change t484closednormalbug report5.08 years 28 weeks
533SMAP broken for collection object533closednormalbug report5.08 years 3 weeksyuyang
534Collection - Custom Structure Map655closednormalbug report5.18 years 3 weeksyuyang
535Can't ingest collection with & character in collec708closedcriticalbug report5.07 years 51 weeksyuyang
536Sponsoring Agency752closedcriticalbug report5.18 years 2 weeksjgeng
537Controlled Vocabulary terms with diacritics798closedcriticalbug report5.17 years 51 weeksyuyang
538Add/edit term source -- missing semi colon907closedcriticalbug report5.17 years 29 weeksjjotto
539Error report when Assigned User deposits for anoth966closedcriticalbug report5.1.17 years 29 weeks
540Can't delete a controlled vocabulary term source (1025closednormalbug report5.26 years 23 weeksyuyang
541Templet Name1093closednormalfeature request5.36 years 23 weeks
542Speed element doesn't allow deletion of value1146closednormalbug report5.1.15 years 44 weeksyuyang
543PDF not generated for TIFF upload1207closednormalbug report6.15 years 47 weekspkonin
544Configure Cataloging Utility privilege allows acce1227closednormalfeature request5.26 years 24 weeks
545Not sticking1246closednormalbug report5.26 years 24 weeksyuyang
546Source MD Assoc Obj edit prob1262closednormalbug report5.25 years 44 weeksyuyang
547Create/Edit Template: Term source list not availa1279closednormalbug report5.26 years 24 weeksyuyang
548FEDORA I/O Page: can we add an "uncheck all" butto1298closednormalfeature request5.36 years 22 weeks
549Save made my collection record disappear1332closednormalbug report5.26 years 23 weeksyuyang
550File Import on Batch Ingest Thumbnail Creation1371closednormalbug report5.25 years 46 weekspkonin
551Error saving new blank record1415closednormalbug report6.15 years 47 weekspkonin
552Grant information maps to wrong area from Faculty 1484closednormalbug report6.15 years 46 weeksrmarker
553PHP error log messages for undefined indexes1526closednormalbug report6.15 years 45 weekschadmills
554Faculty Deposit Genre/Category for Book Chapters h1612closednormalbug report6.15 years 44 weeksjgeng
555Incorrect descriptive event namespace is being wri1693closedcriticalbug report7.04 years 45 weeksyuyang
556Add a input summary page in faculty deposit1742closednormalfeature request6.25 years 3 weeksananthan
557File Upload screen requires clarification re: mult1776closednormalbug report7.04 years 33 weeksananthan
558need "enter free text" in many Subject drop-downs1874closednormalbug report7.04 years 33 weeksyuyang
559Object Architecture value lost when all uploaded f1892closednormalbug report7.04 years 33 weeksyuyang
560Content Model: manuscript - file upload policy is 1912closednormalbug report7.04 years 33 weeksjgeng
561Zipped and DIR datastreams are not showing in show1940closedcriticalbug report7.04 years 38 weeksananthan
562No CV terms are available in TechMD when creating 1970closednormalbug report7.04 years 33 weeksyuyang
563multiple techmd elements have no xml wrapper2002closednormalbug report7-x4 years 35 weeksyuyang
564Getting a warning message when creating a new coll2047closednormalbug report7.42 years 45 weeksyuyang
565cannot view template xml2165closednormalbug report7.43 years 24 weeksyuyang
566XML-1 and DJVU don't generate when uploading pdf2206closednormalbug report7.24 years 19 weeks
567Some Technical Metadata Elements not appearing on 2325closednormalbug report7.62 years 16 weeksmatthew.gallagher
568Usign Firefox: Close button does not work on the a2414closednormalbug report7.33 years 28 weeksjgeng
569Source MD: Cylinder -- Unable to update CV terms f2455closednormalbug report7.62 years 16 weeksyuyang
570Revisions to Faculty Deposit Form and Faculty Depo2506closednormalfeature request7.43 years 9 weeksjjotto
571 change Date of Journal to (YYYY)2544closednormalfeature request7.43 years 9 weeksananthan
572New user can't log into faculty deposit2579closednormalbug report7.43 years 9 weeksupendra
573Reminder to select yes or no doesn't tell you whic2606closedcriticalfeature request7.43 years 9 weeksananthan
574No file type in dropdown2690closednormalbug report7.43 years 9 weeksananthan
575Error message when uploading same version type as 2716closednormalbug report7.52 years 45 weeksananthan
576Cover sheet citation for RUcore should take date v2798closednormalbug report7.52 years 19 weeksyuyang
577Collection managers can't create file processing t2872closednormalbug report7.52 years 45 weeksananthan
578Required fields on the faculty deposit form2920closednormalbug report7.62 years 16 weeksananthan
579Add new roles to DOI XSLT2971closednormalbug report7.5.22 years 31 weeksyuyang
580 change $cfg['rufd_manager_email'] value to soar@r3022closednormaltask7.62 years 16 weeksananthan
581IE10 display issue3070closednormalbug report7.62 years 16 weekschadmills
582Fedora Edit presents a java script message when pe3105closednormalbug report7.62 years 16 weeksananthan
583WMS 1:1 file uploading rule is enforced in batch i3230closednormalbug report8.11 year 25 weeksananthan
5847.7 Testing - Attempting to upload a directory as 3303closednormalbug report7.71 year 43 weeksaletia.morgan
585Error message when I upload files3353closedcriticalbug report7.71 year 45 weeksananthan
586DOI and personal name when role is "Depicted"3416closednormaltask8.11 year 10 weeksananthan
587Ingest error: Empty FID returned from ingest scrip3470closednormalbug report8.11 year 17 weeksananthan
588Cover sheet checksum not updated3494closednormalbug report8.0.11 year 21 weeksananthan
589Faculty collections are being created under Rutger3565closedcriticalbug report8.1.21 year 10 weeksyuyang
590Changing type of item will remove all the existing292closednormalbug report5.08 years 32 weeks
591Language value lost 330closednormalbug report5.08 years 29 weeksyuyang
592Restore elements on Faculty Deposit381closednormalbug report5.08 years 26 weeks
593Skip to Step 2 and Update Fields buttons445closednormalfeature request5.08 years 28 weeks
594Cannot upload flv nor mov file 486closednormalbug report5.08 years 26 weeks
595<mods:location> -- Organization metadata not in co536closednormalbug report5.08 years 22 weeksyuyang
596Display original filename in catalogin utility.662closednormalfeature request5.18 years 3 weeksananthan
597MarcXML import709closedcriticalbug report5.18 years 3 weeksyuyang
598Collection record and fedora ID755closedcriticalbug report5.17 years 52 weeksyuyang
599Update LDAP list regularly811closedcriticaltask5.17 years 29 weeks
600XML-RPC Fault #6: No data received from server908closednormalbug report5.17 years 30 weeks
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