Issues for RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)

#SummaryIDStatussort iconPriorityCategoryVersionLast updatedAssigned to
301Thumbnail515closednormalbug report5.08 years 26 weeksyuyang
302Free text/CV discrepancies621closednormalbug report5.17 years 52 weeksyuyang
303Version link 703closednormaltask5.18 years 3 weeksyuyang
304co-author Deposit736closedcriticalbug report5.17 years 52 weeksyuyang
305Removing or adding an Internet Media Type duplicat793closedcriticalbug report5.26 years 23 weeksyuyang
306ETD with supplementary files -- no main PDF in fil853closedcriticalbug report6.15 years 45 weeksyuyang
307Character translation problem958closednormalbug report6.15 years 45 weekscarlazim
308Quotation marks added to some element values in ma1010closednormalbug report7.04 years 44 weeksrmarker
309Add templates to batch import1086closednormalfeature request7.04 years 17 weekslisun
310adding new subject headings, loss of important fun1203closednormalfeature request5.26 years 24 weeksyuyang
311Metadata - Presentation format - Extent1222closednormalbug report5.26 years 23 weeksyuyang
312Assigning Roles to User Account overwrites admin p1242closednormalbug report5.26 years 24 weeksyuyang
313test etds imported-- result: no data1258closedcriticalbug report5.26 years 25 weeksyuyang
314Misaligned Header information: RUcore Home, About 1274closednormaltask5.26 years 24 weeksyuyang
315Controlled Vocabulary: unable to select rights dec1293closednormalbug report5.26 years 24 weeksyuyang
316Update RUcore logo used to new design1320closednormalbug report5.26 years 23 weekschadmills
317Right Declaration1364closednormalbug report6.15 years 46 weekslisun
318New slave DC record loses the dc:identifier with t1408closednormalbug report6.15 years 47 weekstriggs
319Audio and Video upload for faculty deposit1471closednormalspecification7.61 year 14 weeksibeard
320Automatic thumbnail generation not producing the p1513closednormalbug report6.15 years 46 weekschadmills
321Faculty Deposit category for Theses1597closednormalbug report6.15 years 45 weeksananthan
322Link to a web form instead of mailto in Faculty De1772closednormaltask6.25 years 3 weeksananthan
323Specification for uploading an html file in Facult1863closednormalspecification7-x4 years 21 weeksjgeng
324Zip and Tar files not showing up for download from1908closednormalbug report7.04 years 38 weekspkonin
325How to specify the files to be uploaded - problem1932closednormalbug report7.04 years 45 weeksyuyang
326Elipses in import field causes import to stop1965closednormalbug report7.04 years 33 weekspkonin
327Under download options, there is no file label in 1992closednormalbug report7.04 years 33 weekspkonin
328Cannot Upload .Tar Files2038closednormalbug report7.04 years 33 weeksananthan
329Provide collection statistics in collection list2194closednormalfeature request7.24 years 7 weeksyuyang
330Map Tech MD extracted by exiftool and mediaInfo to2362closednormalspecification8.11 year 25 weeksibeard
331illegal characters are getting into the XML-1 data2394closedcriticalbug report7.33 years 28 weeksananthan
332Faculty Deposit changes for initial roll-out of My2449closednormaltask7.33 years 28 weeksananthan
333Unable to change DOI state from "reserved" to "pub2483closedcriticalbug report7.3.13 years 27 weeksyuyang
334Batch import has mapping issues (RomanCoins projec2570closednormalbug report7.43 years 9 weeksananthan
335support for interpuncts in batch ingest for the Co2601closednormalbug report7.52 years 45 weeksananthan
336When you add additional author the Dept. name is c2673closednormalbug report7.43 years 9 weeksjjotto
337Save and Continue does not work for creating new t2773closedcriticalbug report7.52 years 22 weekscarlazim
338the URL version of the ORVID is autopopulated2861closednormalbug report7.52 years 45 weekstriggs
339Not all files created when importing ETD with mult3063closednormalbug report7.62 years 16 weekspkonin
340File upload not honoring the relation of 1:1 file 3091closednormalbug report7.62 years 22 weeksibeard
341System creates duplicate departmental collection w3128closednormalbug report7.6.12 years 7 weeksyuyang
342PDF server converting colored PDF into black and w3167closedcriticalbug report7.6.12 years 7 weeksananthan
343Corporate <name><role><term source> mapping to mar3220closednormalbug report7.71 year 43 weeksananthan
344Error Message when Uploading Multiple Tiffs from t3299closednormalbug report7.71 year 43 weekspkonin
345Citation information missing on coversheet3321closednormalbug report7.71 year 43 weeksananthan
346Remove caution about multiple PDF files from Uploa3341closednormalbug report7.71 year 43 weeksjjotto
347Incorrect version term on the coversheet if versio3390closednormalbug report8.11 year 10 weeksananthan
348URL to newly ingested resource is not up-to-date3466closednormalbug report8.11 year 10 weekschadmills
349Presentation files not being generated for large (3488closednormalbug report8.2.326 weeks 6 daysrmarker
350Unable to fix wrong version in Genre3528closednormalbug report8.1.144 weeks 4 daysyuyang
351Trouble Creating Collection Metadata275closednormalbug report5.08 years 27 weeks
352problem renaming the external video directory and 322closedcriticalbug report5.08 years 30 weeksyuyang
353No rights statement 352closednormalbug report5.08 years 27 weeksyuyang
354Double pop-up messages in IE424closedminorbug report5.07 years 50 weeksyuyang
355Multiple Instances of TechMD472closednormalbug report5.08 years 28 weeksyuyang
356Related Item - Identifier lost516closedcriticalbug report5.08 years 25 weeksyuyang
357PDF text layer for faculty deposit module635closednormalbug report5.26 years 22 weeksyuyang
358Forgot Password Link704closednormaltask5.18 years 3 weeksyuyang
359After uploading files - incorrect status report745closednormalbug report5.17 years 52 weeks
360Replace short tags with long tags884closednormalbug report5.26 years 23 weeksyuyang
361Adding second event metadata: the second event tak959closednormalbug report5.26 years 23 weeksyuyang
362Character translation problem in Abstract field1012closednormalbug report6.15 years 45 weekscarlazim
363Fix rights metadata for works for hire1087closednormalbug report5.26 years 20 weeksjgeng
364Sort Record List in wms1130closednormalfeature request5.26 years 24 weeksyuyang
365after adding new subject headings to the list, the1204closednormalbug report5.26 years 24 weeks
366could not SAVE new metadata record1223closednormalbug report5.26 years 24 weeksyuyang
367Rights MD problem in fedora Edit1243closednormalbug report5.26 years 22 weeksyuyang
368Edit Still Image Object Record: Multiple PHP Error1259closednormalbug report5.25 years 44 weeks
369EXIT button from the green navigator box goes to t1275closednormalbug report5.26 years 25 weeksyuyang
370missing CV terms1295closednormalbug report5.26 years 23 weeksyuyang
371Authorize a person... text1321closednormalbug report5.26 years 23 weeksjgeng
372Changing collection hierarchy in WMS changes the i1409closednormalbug report6.15 years 48 weeksyuyang
373Faculty Deposit Genre/Categories1472closednormalspecification6.15 years 44 weeksrmarker
374XML text error for any Word documents submitted in1517closedcriticalbug report6.15 years 45 weeksananthan
375MOV file is not being copied to Darwin server1601closedcriticalbug report6.15 years 44 weeksyuyang
376Add Peter Konin to the notification email1732closednormalbug report6.25 years 3 weeksananthan
377Order of elements on Faculty Deposit form1773closednormaltask6.25 years 3 weeksananthan
378Source metadata (dimensions) is not retained in th1866closednormalbug report7.04 years 41 weeksyuyang
379Object ingest -- No message indicating that the ob1909closednormalbug report7.04 years 44 weeks
380Batch import isn't bringing in all the records1934closednormalbug report7.04 years 35 weeksjjotto
381File error in Faculty Deposit sends record to WMS 1967closednormalbug report7.33 years 28 weeksjgeng
382mp3 files not showing up in tar file1993closednormalbug report7.04 years 33 weekspkonin
383XML-1 parsing error2040closednormalbug report7.43 years 9 weekspkonin
384Custom label does not stick if "Provide a list of 2162closednormalbug report7.24 years 17 weeksyuyang
385Metadata is not populated for collection record2202closedcriticalbug report7.24 years 19 weeksyuyang
386In Customized Input Form, Rights Holder (Person), 2322closednormalbug report7.62 years 16 weeksmatthew.gallagher
387DOI is created, then removed in Fedora ingest2397closedcriticalbug report7.43 years 9 weeksananthan
388create a chart showing each content model, and the2452closednormaltask7.42 years 12 weeksananthan
389Align FD form with SOAR2497closednormalfeature request7.43 years 15 weeksananthan
390Configure file policies to upload audio and transc2540closednormaltask7.62 years 16 weeksananthan
391Restricting anomalous DOI values in WMS2573closednormalfeature request7.62 years 16 weeksyuyang
392Journal information is not mapped into WMS2603closednormalbug report7.43 years 9 weeksjjotto
393WMS displays "Missing presentation files" even tho2674closedcriticalbug report7.43 years 9 weeksyuyang
394When required fileds are not filled in, error mess2711closednormalfeature request7.52 years 45 weeksjjotto
395Cover sheet does not give current version informat2778closedcriticalbug report7.52 years 45 weeksrmarker
396Faculty Deposit / Department Listings2862closednormalbug report7.52 years 45 weeksyuyang
397Non-author name is showing up in the cover sheet c2964closedcriticalbug report7.6.12 years 7 weeksananthan
398Change group email address from fac-deposit-manage3018closednormalfeature request7.62 years 16 weeksananthan
399DIR Upload Error3064closednormalbug report7.62 years 16 weeksananthan
400Wording of task bar in Scholar Deposit3169closedminortask7.6.12 years 7 weeksananthan
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