Issues for Eagleton Poll Archive

#Summarysort iconIDStatusPriorityCategoryLast updatedAssigned to
1 re-import EP1583014closednormalbug report2 years 31 weeksjgeng
2Apache errors361closednormalbug report1 year 26 weeksjgeng
3Change mysql_connect to mysqli_connect 3474testnormaltask1 year 20 weeksjgeng
4change the process of crosstabs from ROW percent t2529closednormaltask2 years 32 weeksrjantz
5Eagleton problem with poll 176 labels3358closednormalbug report1 year 44 weeksjgeng
6Final migration of project and data to PHP-based i1418closednormaltask4 years 44 weeksjgeng
7Four new polls need to be imported to eagleton sit3287closednormaltask1 year 46 weeksjgeng
8import poll 177 to system2525closednormalfeature request2 years 32 weeksjgeng
9import poll 178 to system2526closednormalfeature request2 years 32 weeksrjantz
10import poll 179A2787closednormalfeature request2 years 32 weeksrjantz
11import poll 179B2788closednormalfeature request2 years 32 weeksrjantz
12import poll 180A to system2901closednormalfeature request2 years 32 weeksrjantz
13import poll 180B to system2902closednormalfeature request2 years 32 weeksrjantz
14import poll 181 to system3004closednormalfeature request2 years 10 weeksjgeng
15import poll 182 to system3384closednormaltask1 year 34 weeksrjantz
16import poll EP183, EP184, EP187, EP188, EP189, EP13403activenormalfeature request1 year 24 weeksjgeng
17Misspelling and wording on search result list389closednormalbug report1 year 26 weeksjgeng
18Remove subject lists, create a keywords lists on s3291activenormalfeature request1 year 49 weeksjgeng
19Rutgers logo390activenormalbug report8 years 31 weeksjgeng
20There are no data files for 143a-c (May 2003). 3359closednormalbug report1 year 44 weeksjgeng
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