Issues for RUetd

#SummaryIDStatusPriorityCategoryVersionsort iconLast updatedAssigned to
101Make email address (and others?) required in Conta2765Moved to JIRAnormaltask2.3.03 weeks 17 hours
102Submit Step 2: Add Department Selection Menu532Moved to JIRAnormalfeature request2.3.02 weeks 6 dayschadmills
103Need to be able to configure multiple reviewers fo956Moved to JIRAnormalfeature request2.3.02 weeks 6 dayschadmills
104Need a list of all ETDs with supplementary files f1410closednormaltask2.3.05 years 32 weekschadmills
105Fix errors in ProQuest XML2351Moved to JIRAnormalbug report2.3.03 weeks 17 hourschadmills
106Add ORCID to ETD author name metadata3043Moved to JIRAnormalfeature request2.3.03 weeks 17 hours
107Error received when uploading Suppl. file as Admin1015Moved to JIRAnormalbug report2.3.02 weeks 6 dayschadmills
108Submit Step 3 doesn't work on Internet Explorer 91429Moved to JIRAnormalbug report2.3.02 weeks 6 dayschadmills
109Improve tutorial interface2352Moved to JIRAnormaltask2.3.03 weeks 17 hourschadmills
110Add Supplementary Files961Moved to JIRAnormaltask2.3.02 weeks 6 dayschadmills
111Prevent upload of PDF with security restrictions3092Moved to JIRAnormalfeature request2.3.03 weeks 17 hourschadmills
112The ETD-XML files are not being renamed after they1046closedcriticalbug report2.2.17 years 13 weeksyuyang
113Undefined index: check in /usr/local/apache2/htdoc2652closednormalbug report2.2.22 years 20 weekschadmills
114PHP Strict Standards: Declaration of RUcoreLDAP::3108closednormalbug report2.2.22 years 20 weekschadmills
115Remove possible confusion in Embargo language on S970closednormalfeature request2.2.27 years 3 daysmartyb
116Correct spelling on Modify Site Attributes screen1024closedminorbug report2.2.27 years 3 daysmartyb
117Strict Standards: Only variables should be passed 2653closednormalbug report2.2.22 years 20 weekschadmills
118PHP Notice: Undefined variable: schools3109closednormalbug report2.2.22 years 20 weekschadmills
119Grad report Undefined index error2654closednormalbug report2.2.22 years 20 weekschadmills
120PHP Notice: Use of undefined constant chGradDateY3110closednormalbug report2.2.22 years 20 weekschadmills
121XML Export - Undefined index2655closednormalbug report2.2.22 years 20 weekschadmills
122Old dissertation retention policy925Moved to JIRAnormaltask2.2.22 weeks 6 dayschadmills
123UMI Export - undefined index2656closednormalbug report2.2.22 years 20 weekschadmills
124Login page header graphic2657Moved to JIRAnormaltask2.2.23 weeks 17 hours
125 The login page needs to be replaced with the new 2658closednormaltask2.2.22 years 20 weekschadmills
126Update info in RUetd tutorial1945Moved to JIRAcriticaltask2.2.22 weeks 6 dayschadmills
127ftp_pasv mode2659closednormaltask2.2.22 years 20 weekschadmills
128Don't allow student to change the school during ET949closednormalbug report2.2.27 years 3 daysmartyb
129Add default values to MODS elements in XML when ex1096closednormalbug report2.2.24 years 7 weeksananthan
130Profile - undefined index2660closednormalbug report2.2.22 years 20 weekschadmills
131View submissions - error when submission doesn;t h2661closednormalbug report2.2.22 years 20 weekschadmills
132Clarify "one file" structure of main submission1006closednormalbug report2.2.27 years 5 weeksmartyb
133country code field was left empty in *some* ProQue287closednormalbug report2.2.27 years 3 daysmartyb
134DSW: New school, new program in RUetd3047Moved to JIRAnormalfeature request2.2.22 weeks 6 daysmartyb
135conte/profile.php header() function error1016closednormalbug report2.2.27 years 3 daysmartyb
136edit in /srv/www/htdocs/etd/process_steps.php on l1699closednormalbug report2.2.22 years 20 weekschadmills
137Date warning - need timezone2651closednormalbug report2.2.22 years 20 weekschadmills
138Add CAS support for authentication3363closednormaltask2.2.31 year 10 weeksmartyb
139Update documentation for CAS support3368closednormaltask2.2.31 year 10 weeksmartyb
140Errors when exporting to ProQuest3383closednormalbug report2.2.31 year 10 weeksmartyb
141XML Export rights event for embargoes - Need end d1008Moved to JIRAnormalfeature request2.2.32 weeks 6 dayschadmills
142mysql to mysqli3436closednormalbug report2.3.11 year 22 weeksmartyb
143Special characters in abstract not always correctl3577Moved to JIRAnormalbug report2.3.13 weeks 1 day
144Add additional information to acceptance email for3578closednormalfeature request2.3.11 year 1 weekchadmills
145Replace all rulink LDAP references with rutgers re3579closednormaltask2.3.12 weeks 6 daysmartyb
146Setting to Resubmission Requested to fix metadata 3580Moved to JIRAminorfeature request2.3.13 weeks 1 daychadmills
147Show ETD search portal on RUetd Submission System 3605closednormalfeature request2.3.144 weeks 3 dayschadmills
148Update LDAP filters- replacing deprecated rulink* 3615closednormaltask2.3.12 weeks 6 dayschadmills
149Change email address to Rutgers Connect address3616closednormaltask2.3.138 weeks 6 daysmartyb
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