Remove possible confusion in Embargo language on Submission Detail

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For ETDs that have not yet been approved, the Reviewer's Submission Detail screen includes a section labeled Embargo. In that section is a statement "An embargo of -------- from the date of the award of the degree will be placed on this ETD. Embargoes are applied to address concerns due to patents pending, publishing rights, or classified information." In the --------- spot is a dropdown list of possible embargo periods, with the current setting for the ETD being displayed by default. Following this statement is a button labeled "Set Embargo Status".

It's possible for confusion here. The label on the button suggests that it must be clicked to set the displayed embargo period. However, that is not the case -- the period displayed will be used whether the button is clicked or not. Also, the Reviewer is not told that he/she can change the period. If the Reviewer does want to change the period displayed, he/she must use the dropdown list to select the new period. THEN the button needs to be clicked.

To remove any confusion about whether the button needs to be clicked or not and to tell the Reviewer how to change the period, please add the following (or something similar) to the embargo statement above the button: "If you want to change this embargo, select another period from the dropdown and click this button."



Version:2.3.0» 2.2.2


Status:active» test

Update the 'content/track_files/track_detail.php' script.

Now when loading a View Submissions screen no 'Set Embargo Status' button will appear until the value in the embargo length pulldown is changed. Then and only then a button 'Change Embargo Status' will appear. Let me know if this fills the need.


Also added the following line in italics at the bottom:

"If you want to change this embargo, select another period from the dropdown and click 'Change Embargo Status' that appears."


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Assigned to:martyb» chadmills
Status:test» active

When the value is changed and the new button is clicked, the display goes back to the original value on the screen. The new value is not put in the database.


Assigned to:chadmills» martyb
Status:active» test

When changing the value of the button from 'Set Embargo Status' to 'Change Embargo Status' the process_steps.php script needed to be changed to be made aware of the change as well. Updated './process_steps.php' script, should save value in database. Please test.


Status:test» closed

New wording and button work as needed and clearly address the concern.

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