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Component:User interface
Category:bug report

On the Resume/Track screen for Students and on the View Submissions - Submission Detail screen for Reviewers, there are heading bars labeled Status or Review that have a link labeled with an "i" in a circle to a pop-up screen called "Review Help" (include/popup.php?type=erhelp). That screen has 3 informational messages that describe something called Reviewer/Author Comments which can be used by the Reviewer to send comments to the Author and vice versa during the review process.

In actuality no such capability currently exists. Comments can only be sent by the Author to the Reviewer when an ETD is submitted, and by the Reviewer to the Author if resubmission is requested. The full dialogue capability alluded to in the 3 steps of the Help message is not currently implemented, so the "i" link on the Status and Review bars should be removed.



Status:active» test

removed the three 'I' icons in track detail.


Status:test» fixed

The icons have been removed from the Submission Detail and Resume/Track screens.


Status:fixed» closed

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