Discrepancy possible for reviewer account between users and schools tables

Category:bug report
Status:Moved to JIRA

When a user account with role reviewer is set up in Create Account, a school is designated for that reviewer in the users table. When a school is configured in Manage Schools, a reviewer is identified for that school in the schools table. It is possible for a discrepancy to exist between those tables, where different user accounts become identified as reviewers. When the reviewer logs in, the school id attached to that account is used from the users table. However, for some other functions (e.g., View Submissions, Search for Student), the reviewer account is identified by the schools table. This can cause incorrect results.

For example, in Manage Schools, kareviewer is identified as the reviewer for Graduate School - New Brunswick (schools table has chSchoolNum=16, nSchoolID=43, fkUserID=123). In the users table, kareviewer has nUserID=123 but fkSchoolID=1. Different embargo options were configured for schoolID 43 from those configured for schoolID 1. When kareviewer used View Submissions to display submissions, the expected ETDs (for schoolID 43) were displayed. However, when one ETD was selected to be reviewed, the Submission Detail screen displayed unexpected embargo options (options for schoolID 1 were displayed).



Status:active» Moved to JIRA

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