Add links to Student Guide and Reviewer Guide

Component:User interface
Category:feature request

To provide additional guidance for users of RUetd, a Student Guide and a Reviewer Guide are being written. To make them accessible to the users, add a link to the Student Guide to the bottom of each screen, somewhere near the link to Tutorial. All users should see the Student Guide link. In addition, if the person is signed in as a reviewer or administrator, add a link to the Reviewer Guide to the bottom of each screen. Alternately, both links could be on each screen, but the Reviewer Guide link could be inactive (grayed out) for students.



Status:active» test

I need the PDF's to attach, but I just put in some links, that don't work, for now but is enough for testing. Shows "Student Guide" for all users. Shows "Reviewer Guide" as well whena reviewer or admin are logged in.


Status:test» fixed

A link to the Student Guide is present on screens for student, reviewer, viewer and administrator accounts. A link to the Reviewer Guide is present on reviewer and adminitrator accounts. All links work and open the appropriate guides.


Status:fixed» closed

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