Add link to Margin Checker in Resume/Track

Component:User interface
Category:feature request

When a student resubmits an ETD, there should be a way for them to run the Margin Checker again. This is especially necessary for students who were asked to resubmit because of margin problems.



Status:active» test

While I am not a fan of the last minute feature request, I filled this one because it is pretty crucial to the process. When Viewing a Submission in the under Submission Detail a link will appear next to the PDF file in the Submission section allowing for margin checking. Made changes to 'content/track_files/track_detail.php' script.


Status:test» fixed

A link to the Margin Checker appears next to the PDF file when the Submission Detail screen is displayed. When a new file is then uploaded, the link to the Margin Checker is available for the new file as well.


Status:fixed» closed

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