Don't allow student to change the school during ETD submission

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The school name is auto-populated on the ETD Submission screen in step 2. However, the student is able to change the school during ETD submission. Why is school editable in this step? If the student changes the school in this step, the embargo period is not refreshed based on the school that the student selected.

The new resubmit/track feature prevents students from submitting duplicate ETDs. If a student belongs to multiple school/program, the student needs to use a different account to submit ETD.



The student can also change the school in the Update My Information screen. Depending on whether this is done during or after submission or resubmission, can it also cause an out-of-sync with other data (e.g., info in the papers table)?


Yes, that is the crux of the problem Kalaivani outlined. Currently the Student and the Paper are are two seperate entities when it comes to what School they are aligned with in the system.

The question that needs to be answered is does the student need to the option to select a school when submitted a paper? If the answer is no then the problem is easy to resolve. If the answer is yes, then the problem will persist.


Version:2.3.0» 2.2.2


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The solution is that when a students only see the values found in the database when they are at Step 2. If the student is either submitting a paper or doing a resubmission and they are at Step 2 of the submission process they are told they can change Degree Type, School, Program, Degree Month and Degree Year by going to the Update User Information screen.

When using the Update My Information screen when they save changes if any papers exist that are status "In Submission Process" or "Resubmission Requested" the information in those records will update to whatever the student submitted. This is done because each individual paper entry stores this information seperate and apart from the user record, so we need to update the information when it changes.

When a reviewer or Admin goes to Edit a paper, regardless of the paper status they can change the Degree Type, School, Program, Degree Month and Degree Year via menus supplied at Step 2. When updating this information is DOES NOT write back the changes to the user record.

To test I would create a new user, supply user information and begin a submission. See that the above mentioned information is visible in Step 2 and saves into the paper database record when moving to step 3. I would then, before submitting the paper, go to Update User Information and change the aforementioned values, revisit the submission in progress and verify it updated. I would then as the student finalize submission.

Then log in as a reviewer and edit the submission at step 2 and verify the changes stick. You can then log back in as the user and Update User Information and see that the paper information should not change since the paper status not "In Submission Process" or "Resubmission Requested".

If you change the paper status to "In Submission Process" or "Resubmission Requested" then go back as the user and changing the User Information should update the paper information.

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Status:test» closed

The code has been changed to not allow the student to change info like the school or program in the Edit ETD Information screen. The student must go to the Update My Information screen to change that info. Because of the way data is kept and accessed in the database tables, consistency is now maintained for papers and users data. This was tested by:
1. Creating a student account with school = GSNB.
2. Student logs in and keeps school = GSNB in Update My Info, then submits a paper. The embargo options displayed in step 2 were those of GSNB and the school could not be changed in that step.
3. Student goes to Main Menu -> Resume/Track -> Edit ETD Info. School could not be changed. Embargo options were for GSNB
4. Student goes to Main Menu -> Update My Info and changes school to CIS, then goes to Resume/Track -> Edit ETD Info. School was CIS and could not be changed. Embargo options were those of CIS.

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