Signature problem

Project:RUcore dlr/EDIT
Category:bug report

The new script that is called by the script
is producing an error due to perl string substitutions being done
on the path/filename screen of the original file (ie /home/httpd/html/Sun.html)
The substitution should only be done on the filename, not the path.

Your "cron" job on mss3.libraries
produced the following output:
could not open /home/httpd-OK.html/dlr/SIGS/Wed.html for writing...

Also to keep lefty64 and mss3 more in sync, please remove the
file from the dlr/SIGS directory and adjusted the code in the signature
checker on lefty64 to run it from dlr/EDIT

This is how it is set on mss3
### run the script which splits the main log into separate files
#$logdir/ $logdir/$day.html
$filebase/dlr/EDIT/ $logdir/$day.html



Status:active» fixed

Cron on lefty64 last night confirms that the fixed code is working there.



Assigned to:triggs» dhoover


Please test and confirm fix.



Looking on lefty64 shows that is still located inside of dlr/SIGS
while there is also a new updated version of in dlr/EDIT which
has the fix to only add -OK to the filename and not the path. The bug
asked for to be removed from dlr/SIGS

Also the path for the call to is in It appears
the proper change was made in that file but I cannot confirm that this
is the version that is run by cron. There is a that
still calls the in dlr/SIGS

So if the right script is being run in cron, the files do look to be split
properly. Even so, from dlr/SIGS should be removed.


Status:fixed» active


Version:5.1» 5.1.1


Assigned to:dhoover» Anonymous
Status:active» closed script has been moved from dlr/SIGS.

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