Kilmer Conference Room, room mgr add


For Kilmer Conference Room, room_id=45
- Add
Barry Lipinski staff_id=336
as a room manager

Kevin will continue to get emails he perhaps doesn't want. I suggested that perhaps he set up a filter, or actually read the emails.

Background, original email:

March 8, 2010 email from Jill Morrow:

Good Morning Sam,

After some discussion about the use of the Kilmer Conference Room it has been determined
that Barry Lipinski should be added as a room manager.
He will be the main point of contact outside of Media for people wanting to
reserve the room for viewing videos. Access Services will be responsible for making
the room ready for viewing videos and Kevin McGuire will be responsible for video-conference set-up.
On a side note, please remove Kevin McGuire from the email distribution for
the Kilmer Library Alcove. There is very rarely a technical request for that
space and he just deletes the emails without looking at them. In order to
make sure that he looks at the room reservations for the conference room,
we need to stop the Alcove emails. He will still be the technical contact for the alcove.




Status:active» closed

done.updated staff2rooms table like so.

insert into staff2rooms (staff_id, room_id) VALUES ('336', '45');

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