Unexpected search results when title search is performed in RUcore

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I performed a search by title for peter still papers in advanced search in RUcore. I got four objects in the search result. The first object is the Peter Still Papers collection object and the rest of the three objects are the items in Peter Still Papers collection. I expected to see only the objects with matching title in the search result, in this case, it should have retured the collection object only. It appears that the indexer is looking in [titleInfo][title] and [relatedItem][titleInfo][title]. This is confusing.



Your penultimate sentence: It appears that the indexer is looking in and .
This system hides whatever text is within angle brackets. Where is the indexer looking?


changed angle brackets to square brackets.


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The indexer should only be looking at [titleInfo] for a search by title.


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This is not an indexing issue, but a search issue. The indexer automatically indexes all elements. To search a more specific path, the query needs to be tightened. I suggest reassigning this to Chad.


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I disagree. The title of an object and the related item are both contained in exactly the same tag structure which when queried at Amberfish as mods:titleInfo search both elements. Tell me how to access them separately when they have the same element structure, I doubt it is possible. The element structure for on of them needs to change. Example below of an object, if you look into the what I think is the search object XML they are in the same element context.

   <mods:title>Roosevelt Oral History Committee Interview with Irving Bach (excerpt)</mods:title>

   <mods:title>Borough of Roosevelt Historical Collection</mods:title>


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Go to All collection in RUcore on lefty64. Then enter "warwick" and perform a title search. It is still finding [relatedItem][title].
The indexer should only be looking at [titleInfo] for a search by title. IS this a bug? If it is, we should address it in this release otherwise, we should move it to the next release.



I think if the mods:titleInfo/mods:title were tied to mods:mods it would work. That would pass over mods:relatedItem/mods:titleInfo/mods:title as in the objects from Warwick New Brunswick Flood 1999.


The xpath would be mods:mods/mods:titleInfo/mods:title


I cannot get that to work by changing 'mods:titleInfo' to 'mods:mods/mods:titleInfo/mods:title' in the configuration. What would a full formed Amberfish query look like?


The full path should be something like this:
--query '/.../mods:mods/mods:titleInfo/_c/.../"Warwick"
The initial /... gets over the foxml wrapping elements, but the path is then tied to mods:mods. The search for warwick in the title will not produce any results, however, since that is a collection object that does not have an elemnt associating it with any collection in the search index. An id search for 16713 shows up in the database in dlr/EDIT, but not in the XML searches of all collection indexes. That's why it never appears in the noisy
--query '/.../mods:titleInfo/_c/.../"Warwick"
search, which finds the objects belonging to the Warwick collection, but not the collection object itself.


There is still something odd. I'm looking at it.


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This is not a relevant bug after moving to Solr. Indexing has changed and so has the underlying interface to query.

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