Incorrect collection parent relationship

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:Collection Management
Category:bug report

A faculty member logged in to Faculty Deposit and deposited two items. In WMS, the collection for this faculty is displaying under the correct department collection. However, when I tried to ingest the department collection I got a message that "this" parent collection was not ingested. The parent collection was identified as the faculty member's collection.

Engn - Biomedical Engineering Collection -- this is supposed to be the parent collection
Madabhushi Anant Collection -- this is what WMS was calling the parent collection of the above

I successfully ingested the "Madabhushi" collection.
I successfully ingested the "Engn ..." collection but only after ingesting the above collection.

Each of them shows their correct parent collection in the collection record's metadata.



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Status:test» active


Chris Sterback logged into the faculty deposit module. A new collection was created for Chris in WMS under Technical Services Collection. In the XML, the parent collection information is duplicated in {relatedItem}.

Also, getting error message when edited. In the metadata form this information is populated, clicking on Save produces "you have entered "Local" as identifier type ....". Can not save the collection record.

{mods:relatedItem type="host"}
{mods:title Technical and Automated Services Collection /mods:title}
{mods:identifier type="local" rucore21016300001 /mods:identifier}
{mods:relatedItem type="host"}
{mods:titleTechnical and Automated Services Collection /mods:title}
{mods:identifier type="local">rucore21016300001</mods:identifier}


Status:active» test

Are 2, 3, and 4 the same issue? Why so many entries? Test. -YY


Assigned to:yuyang» Anonymous
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The correct parent info is in the relatedItem section. Only one relatedItem section exists in the XML for the faculty collections. Tested with Sterback collection.

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