School configuration, opt-out of Proquest export functionality

Project:OpenETD - Rutgers Electronics Thesis and Dissertations Platform
Category:feature request

For the school configuration add option for a school to opt-out of exporting their work to Proquest. Add to detail screen under Manage Schools.



Status:active» test

Added field to the `schools` called 'proquestExport' which is an enumerated value taht can be either Y or N. On the edit screen for schools an "Enable UMI/Proquest export functionality:" checkbox has been added. When checked this will do the following. When a paper is being viewed through View Submissions in the detail view if the export functionality for that school has been selected the "Check this box to queue the ETD for submission to ProQuest." will appear, otherwise it will not.

Edited 'content/school_addedit.php' and 'content/track_files/track_detail.php' along with altering the `schools` table. Changes are in the development system for testing.


Version:1.0.0-beta» 1.1.0-beta


Status:test» fixed


Status:fixed» closed

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