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The Graduate School - New Brunswick wants to add new embargo options for the May 2010 graduates, who will be submitting their ETDs after the January graduation. In addition to the 1 year period, they want to add 6 months and 2 years. For these 3 periods, students will not need approval from the Dean's Office, but they will need approval for any other periods. Students should be allowed to indicate their choice of no embargo or one of the 3 periods when they submit their ETD.

Questions to be answered:
1. Should there be a way to input additional periods so that info can be put in the db and passed to RUcore?
2. How should approval of embargo periods be input in the user interface when the ETD is reviewed/approved?
3. Should there be a way to unset/change the period after it has been stored in the db?

When Rhonda and I met with the Camden Graduate School directors, they also expressed an interest in allowing more than 1 year embargo, but there have been no discussions I know of with other graduate schools about this.



Status:active» test

Moved configuration of embargo periods to the database. Now each individual school can configure what embargo lengths and labels fot those lengths they want to offer to there students. This is configured through Manage Schools after drilling down to a school a Manage Embargo Periods link and screens are present. This caused the creation of a new script 'content/school_embargoes.php' and the creation of two new tables in the database, 'eperiods2schools' and 'embargo_lengths'.

Schools already in the system will need to be configured.


Status:test» fixed

Embargo period and the label are now configurable for each individual school. Also the embargo period(s) appear(s) on the ETD submission form.


Status:fixed» active

If resubmission is requested for an ETD, when the ETD is resubmitted, if the embargo period is 0, the Reviewer's Submission Detail screen allows the embargo period to be changed and there is a checkbox labeled "Check this box to embargo the ETD". However, if the embargo period is other than 0 (let's say 1 year), the Reviewer's Submission Detail screen would way "The user has requested a 365 day deferral!". Under that, there is a checkbox labeled "Check this box to approve the deferral." The Reviewer has no chance at that time to change the embargo.

The Reviewer should have the option to change the embargo on any resubmission not just when it is currently 0. Also wording should be consistent, so please consider changing "deferral" to "embargo".

Also, once an ETD with an embargo is accepted, the Submission Detail screen displays a message "This paper has an emabrgo" of nnn day(s) placed on it." The spelling of "embargo" needs to be corrected.


Status:active» test

Both issues corrected, please test.



Removed checkbox and realigned text with what is displayed for Submitted papers.


Status:test» fixed

Text displayed for Submitted and Resubmitted ETDs is now the same in the Embargo section. Reviewer can change embargo for all resubmitted ETDs. Spelling corrected.


Status:fixed» closed

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