MODS:nonSort to Marc 21 mapping for marc export for R5.2

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I should have gone to the MODS explanation which says:
"nonSort" begin and end tags surround the nonfiling text which should not be regarded in sorting. It is equivalent to the new technique in MARC 21 that uses control characters to surround data disregarded for sorting. It is used for the same purpose as the nonfiling indicator value that indicates the number of characters disregarded for sorting. Punctuation may or may not be included within the non-sort value depending upon whether it is part of the sorting or non-sorting data.

I would have used one or more of the examples from the MODS guidelines, such as:
<title>"winter mind"</title>

<title>man who would be king</title>
<titleInfo type="translated">
<title>homme qui voulut etre roi</title>

Charlotte has applied the nonSort attribute correctly, as it is defined in the MODS standard. However, it is being output incorrectly in the MARC export. The non-sorting text should be restored, so to speak, to the start of the title. If not, then you are correct: the 2nd indicator will cause problems in the IRIS index.

The 245 field's 2nd indicator needs to be "4" to take into account the space between "The" and the next word. (The=4, An=3, A=2, etc.)

In the MODS example above (The "winter mind") the 2nd indicator should be "5" so that the index ignores:
The "



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I'm not sure what's happening here. Are the non-sort words getting lost? That does not happen in older instances where I was filtering in non-sort tags based on the text beginning a title. The LoC xslt script only does a string length on the nonSort element to to determine the non-sort number to put in the marc indicator field. It expects to see empty spaces or some suchg placeholder and not the words themselves as it discards the nonSort element data. Thus:
&lt;mods:title>&lt;mods:nonSort> &lt;/mods:nonSort>The Title&lt;/mods:title>
will work, but
&lt;mods:title>&lt;mods:nonSort>The &lt;/mods:nonSort>Title&lt;/mods:title>
will eat the word "The" in the process of mods2marc xslt conversion.


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