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Component:User interface
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When there is an embargo to restrict the PDF in the object, the wording in the showfed "Sign in to view restricted PDF-1", should change to something like "You do not have permission to view this restricted file."

See the example in the search results page: <a href=";format=&amp;query=rutgers-lib%3A24641+&amp;x=101&amp;y=15" title=";format=&amp;query=rutgers-lib%3A24641+&amp;x=101&amp;y=15"></a>

<a href="" title=""></a>




Has this been addressed?



Version:5.1» 5.1.1


Assigned to:triggs» rmarker


Please provide us with the text ASAP.



This happens because we have regular shibboleth auth testing set to yes on lefty64 (it's not that way on mss3 at the moment). We should think about how to be more refined in distinguishing what kind of POLICY is creating a restriction. That way we could have a different message if the trigger of the POLICY was a data restriction, say, but we would need to add an additional sweep of the POLICY datastream for that. I think this should be looked at in 5.2 rather than 5.1.1.


Version:5.1.1» 5.2
Assigned to:rmarker» triggs

User Services & Applications WG suggests this wording to appear in place of the PDF link:

"The author has restricted access to this PDF. It will be available for public view on/after [date from XACML policy]."

Alternatively, the wording could be: "The author has restricted access to this PDF" and the additional information under the "i" (information) icon could be: "The PDF will be available for public view on/after [date from XACML policy]"

Currently the wording is: "Access not allowed for PDF-1" with the additional information under the "i" icon: "You do not have permission to view this restricted file." This is not well understood by RUcore users.


Status:active» fixed


Status:fixed» test

This should be fixed.


Status:test» active


Please work with Chad to make sure that the message displayed in the search interface is consistent in all displays.

Rhonda has provided the suggested wording for the embargoed items.



Rhonda Marker noted in email:

Now that Kalaivani has done my "homework" for me, I have an answer!

Please always use the general form of the message:
Access to this PDF has been restricted at the author's request.

Even our little experience so far with ETDs is that these dates can change and I don't want to have a public message promising a date when that can change because the author asks for an extension on the embargo.

So Kalaivani's suggestion for a temporary solution turns out to be my recommendation.



Search displays have been updated with new notice message


Status:active» test


Status:test» closed

Both displays show the same message now, based on the wording recommended by the User Services & Applications WG.

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