Multiple Related Item -- The indexer does not pick up both collections

Project:RUcore dlr/EDIT
Category:bug report

I deposited an item using the faculty deposit to test the co-author deposit. I followed the requirements/specs and ingested the object. Then I refreshed all collections and ran the indexer to index Rhonda's collection and Chad's collection. Then I searched in RUcore and the item appears in Chad's collection but not in Rhonda's collection.

This item should be available in both collections.
<mods:relatedItem type="host">

<mods:title>Marker Rhonda Collection</mods:title>

<mods:identifier type="local">rucore30001900001</mods:identifier>

<mods:relatedItem type="host">

<mods:title>Mills Chad Collection</mods:title>
<mods:identifier type="local">rucore30006400001</mods:identifier>



What is the rutgers-lib pid of this object?


Don't have the PID handy. You should be able to search for recent objects and find it in dlr/EDIT.


That's OK. I found it and am looking at it now.



I think the ID mays be off. The one object does get indexed in Chad's collection, but the ID I see for Rhonda's collection is:
Edit Marker Rhonda Collection Collection
Collection ID: rucore30014200001
Collection Label: Marker Rhonda Collection
Current Status: 'Active'
Collection Type: 'Fedora Object Collection'
Member of: (rucore21016300001)
Objects in Collection: 1
Collection Object PID: rutgers-lib:22818
Collection URL:
Google Sitemap: 'Inactive'
and rucore30001900001 does not seem to be a collection in the database.


Status:active» closed

I ran another test with Chad's collection and my collection. The indexer seems to pickup the object in both collections. Closing...

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