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Project:RUcore Statistics
Category:bug report

I was just testing in faculty deposit module. The Statistics button shows the download summary that are not related to my collection. I thought I am only able to view stats for my collection and I should not see any other statistics. Am I wrong in my assumption?



The download summary does not show any statistics from other collections,however, the "Search Results [Last 10 days]" statistics still show some stats. If you take a look at the rest of the three options, there are no stats. This is true as the objects in my faculty collection are all new and were never searched in RUcore.


I ran the indexer and searched in my collection in RUcore. Ananthan Kalaivani collection. I still do not see any statistics in Full Summary under general information (the first option available when I clicked on Statistics button in faculty deposit module).

The download information seems to be updated now.


can you tell me your collection id? and copy the url to me as well.


Status:active» fixed

It has been fixed, please test.


Version:5.1» 5.1.1
Status:fixed» closed

The statistics show only the objects in my collection now.

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