Changing User Information - Change group

Project:RUcore/NJDH/Partner Portal Search
Component:Portal Configuration
Category:bug report

When a user changes the group they are associated with they must logout and log back in to see the new groups styles in the Stylizer and defaults in the portal creation tool. Best bet is in the processor after updating the databse is to destroy the realm session infroamtion and reset the realm session information using setRealmInfo() using the function.login.registration.php script.



Status:active» fixed

Fixed as described above.


Was about to post a bug similar [more of a question]

My one account set the defaults for Rutgers. The other one made a portal as NJVid with all RUCore defaults. He then switched his association to Rutgers. Instead of adopting the Rutgers defaults it kept the RUCore one he picked when he made the portal as a NJVid member.

Is this because NJVid doesn't have their own set defaults so since everyone has access to RUCore defaults it keeps that and if NJVid had their own it would switch to the Rutgers defaults when I switched?


Yes, the NJViD group is currently using the System Defaults. When a portal is created it adopts the defaults used at the time, it doesn't update when the defaults change or the group changes.


Version:5.2» 5.1
Status:fixed» closed

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