Browse lists, can't create/edit/delete

Project:RUcore/NJDH/Partner Portal Search
Component:User Interface
Category:bug report

When you click browse lists now nothing pops up. Just a logo and some text. No options to create/edit/delete/copy etc.



cannot duplicate, please provide user name for this account and retest.


user: rsigley
pw: Rsigley1982

Attached are pictures, just recreated it.

Click stylizer, click browse lists BrowseList.jpg happens

Click Search forms, create a search form. No option to edit, delete, copy, etc.

Also happens with our friend Larry Bird user/user


Status:active» fixed

Fixed, please test thoroughly.

Issue was with a condition that treats users associates with a group/realm differently then those not associated with a group/realm. Those not associated with a group the condition statement had an error in it.


Status:fixed» closed

No problems now.

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