Elim. old submission entries to make displays less confusing

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Often students do multiple submissions of their papers rather than replacing the existing copy by using the Track function. This results in multiple records in the db as well as multiple lines on the Reviewer's displays (e.g., View Submissions). This is confusing for the Reviewer, especially when papers are listed for students who were approved in prior years and have already graduated. Is it possible to (1) only display the latest activity, and (2) don't display old info for students who have already graduated?



Two solutions to solve this problem will be.

1) Only allow a student to submit one paper at a time. After submitting a paper the "submit" link will not be available to the student. The "track" feature will provide access to the submission. Rename the "Track" link to "Resume Submission/Track."

2) Through the RUetd working group we will come up with a retention policy to remove very old ETD's and discuss a showing feature only exposing ETD's in the system to the application administrator.


Status:active» test

Please test the 1) option laid out in the previous comment. How it works is this. If a paper is found to have been submitted the "Resubmit/track" link will appears, but the "Submit" link will not. If a paper has not been submitted or worked on only the "Submit" link will appears, the "Resubmit/Track" link will not, since there is nothing to resubmit or track. Made these changes on the development system in the 'content/menu.php' script. I will spin off #2 from the previous comment into another issue.


Status:test» fixed

Resubmit/Track link now appears after submitting a paper. The Submit link appears only when no paper has been submitted.


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