No ProQuest info in Paper Table but status is "Sent to ProQuest"

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While looking into a specific situation, I did a Search for Student (Jennifer Manion) and also looked at the student's entry in the Papers Table. Search for Student told me her paper was sent to ProQuest. But the Papers Table entry had 0/NULL in the ProQuest fields that have data about sending it or having sent it. The paper status is 11, which is "Sent to Proquest". Why is there no data in the Send to/Sent to ProQuest fields in the Papers Table?



I could not duplicate but I am chalking this up to the fact that their is a status called "Sent to ProQuest" and fields values in the 'papers' table that support the same information. From what I can discern a change was made and the papers.bSendToProquest & papers.bSentToProquest fields were added to replace the use of the status "Sent to Proquest" status. When this happened their was no retroactive correction of existing papers with status "Sent to ProQuest" over to using the papers.sentToProquest boolean operator.

So I am taking the plunge and removing the status "Sent to ProQuest" from the 'paper_status' table. The search filter has been updated on the View Submissions to reflect this change. Now the "Sent To ProQuest/UMI" is a pulldown option in the View Submissions filter.

We still have all the old paper entries in the papers table with a 'fkStatusID' of 11 to resolve. It is easy enough to change the 'sentToProquest' values in the table to a 1 where the fkStatusID = 11. It is also easy enough to update the dateSentToProQuest value to what ever the current dtStatusChange value is, assuming the two are the same. The assumption is that when the fkStatusID was changed to 11, the dtStatusChange was updated and this signaled an export to ProQuest/UMI, which is what we want in the dateSentToProQuest value. The question is what do we then change the papers with a fkStatusID of 11 to? I think it is safe to say these are older submissions and have been fully vetted, even through the embargo period if their was one. It is probably prudent to change the fkStatusID of these papers to 10, meaning Archived. Their are currently 718 papers in the production system with a fkStatusID of 11 with the most recent submission being from January 2009. Also anything with an embargo has long since passed. Is this a logical solution to this problem?


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Initiated the following on the development database:

UPDATE papers SET bSendToProquest = 1, bSentToProquest = 1, dateSentToProQuest = dtStatusChange, fkStatusID = 10 WHERE fkStatusID = 11;


Status:test» fixed

The explanation and proposed action makes sense. The script to update the ProQuest and Status fields will be run on the production database during installation of this release.


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