Dragging items to order the list [the netflix-esque list thing]

Project:RUcore/NJDH/Partner Portal Search
Component:User Interface
Category:bug report

If I drag something from 2nd position or below above the top one too fast it won't actually register that I'm dragging it. I'm able to move it anywhere on the screen but no matter where I put it down it will return it to the position it came from. Doesn't seem to effect dragging down and doesn't happen every time, but I'd put it > 50%.

Same problem appears on everyone of the draggable lists and on all browsers



Not sure much can be done about this other than asking you to move slower ;)

But seriously are you moving the item you grabbed outside of the "target zone?" I see how if you grab an item and move it quickly to the top of the stack outside of the "target zone" it doesn't register. Is that what is happening?


I think that is what is happening. Usually when you drag it above another item the shading changes. When I pull it quickly the color doesn't change. I can show you, might be easier.


Status:active» won't fix

Not sure how to fix, closing for now.


Status:won't fix» closed

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