IE7 Stylizer Interface bugs

Project:RUcore/NJDH/Partner Portal Search
Component:User Interface
Category:bug report

Manage fonts and colors: The color picker seems jerky for some options. Sometimes it's just the outer circle, sometimes inner square, sometimes both.

Some of them:

Under multiple views: Critera: Quick Links, Critera: Text, Critera: Titles (more the outer ring than inner square) and Result Navigation Text (more outer ring)

Advanced search: Almost all of the color wheel lags on the outer ring.

Brief result: Color wheel seems fine for all of them. Very fluid.

Full Result: no wheel for Media Link Text/Metadata Record Link Text (is this by design?), jerky wheel for the rest


Text decoration: blink isn't blinking, ie7 doesn't support the css for it. You can do it in javascript, but blinking text is kind of annoying anyway. Maybe a message to let people know it won't work for IE7?


Found two typos:

Typo in Result "Navgation" Text under Multiple Views

Brief Record Display:

Typo: should seperator be separator ?



Status:active» fixed

The IE7 issue will have to wait for another release. It gets less fluid when there are more elements to update in the preview window that use that element name. The whoe DOM gets scanned to preview the changes in the fly and IE7 javascript DOM scanning is slow to being with. Will consider moving whole scan under jquery framework for better performance.

Text decoration will leave alone, was considering removing it all together anyway, because it is pointless basically.

Updated the two typos.

In the future please break up bug reports like this into separate issues, in this case three issues.


Improved color wheel performance somewhat, but a whole lot. Please test thoroughly, IE8 should give a better response now. IE7 is still laggy.


Status:fixed» closed

still laggy but yea i understand, IE sucks

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