IE8 Interface problems

Project:RUcore/NJDH/Partner Portal Search
Component:User Interface
Category:bug report

- If I add 1 or 2 collections they end up on the right side of "Add collection...." instead of underneath it [see picture]. If I add 3 it fixes itself. Doesn't consistently happen, only seems to happen when the length of both names are small in size
- Related to the above, if there's less than 4 in collection and you drag them it goes
to the right of collections even if its below it [see pictures]
- When viewing a portal the Search button, the search text is too far to the right.
The h is touching the border, but there's a lot of padding on the left side [see



Assigned to:Anonymous» chadmills

sorry forgot to assign


Status:active» fixed

All fixed, please test.


All look fine now.


Version:5.2» 5.1
Status:fixed» closed

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