Greek and Hebrew characters entered in title, subject and abstract

Project:RUcore dlr/EDIT
Category:bug report

I created a periodical full record under test case 2. I added some Greek and Hebrew characters (ĤĨŃŹאבגד) in the Title [paul test (text,text, periodical, lc) 10-5-09 full record ĤĨŃŹאבגד],
Subject (geographic-hierarchical): city section (ĤĨŃŹאבגד), and Abstract or summary fields (ĤĨŃŹאבגד). The ĤĨŃŹאבגד displayed in the METS HTML in the three locations.

In the ingested record, look at the title (extra characters/words added and some removed) and the Complete Record (ĤĨŃŹאבגד doesn't appear in the city section or the abstract). Not sure if this is okay or not.

<a href="" title=""></a>

<a href="" title=""></a>



Version:5.1» 5.2

Another character display issue. Need to be consistent with what is Chad and Yang are doing to handle these characters.


Status:active» test


Status:test» active

The characters are still not translating and displaying correctly. Please look at this object in WMS and also in Showfed display.


I think we need a new test object for this. I looked at this object and the characters in the object are not unicode. Something odd must have happened when they were entered or in some early transformation before they made it into Fedora. Other objects with unicode characters do display them as expected. We need more test data for this.


Status:active» closed

I created a new object with Greek characters and they seem to display OK.

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