Forgot your password? form can't take emails with 2 .'s in suffix

Project:RUcore/NJDH/Partner Portal Search
Component:User Interface
Category:bug report
Description, work

but won't work



Assigned to:Anonymous» chadmills

Should accept 2 suffix's. Please try again and pay close attention to error pop up message. If the email address is valid but unknown by system it will say "Sorry, this email is unknown. " and the non valid address message "The email address submitted is not valid." The two are very similar please pay close attention and let me know if the bug still exists.


That part works now, but if you put in a valid email address and click the "Send reminder" button nothing happens now in Firefox/IE7/8


Status:active» fixed

Send Reminder should now work, please test.


Works in IE7/8/Firefox


Status:fixed» closed

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