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Emails are sent from RUetd when various actions are taken, for example, when a student submits a paper or when a reviewer enters the status of the review of the paper. Many of these emails are vague, inaccurate or unhelpful. A review of all emails sent out should be done to make them more user friendly. Here are some examples:
1. When a submission is reviewed and accepted, an email is sent to the reviewer with Subject "Rutgers ETD Update" that says "Thank you for using OpenETD, Administrator". It shouldn't say OpenETD and it should say what update was done, such as "entering review status" or "accepting paper".
2. When a submission is reviewed and rejected, an email is sent to the student with Subject "Rutgers ETD Update" that says "We regret to inform you that your ETD has been rejected. Thank you for using OpenETD, Administrator". It shouldn't say OpenETD, and it should tell the student what to do now (e.g., "Please contact your graduate school if you have questions").
3. Sometimes email comes from "Administrator", sometimes from "RU ETD Administrator", and sometimes from "RUetd Graduate School Administrator". These may or may not be the same person (i.e., the ETD System Administrator). Also, sometimes reviewers are called administrators in the ETD system. This is confusing.



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Point (1)

Has been fixed, the product name in the Subject line should sync with the name in the signature of the message and status changes should be indicated.

Point (2)

Covered in another bug report.

<a href="" title=""></a>

Point (3)

This has been normalized as well.

Script modified is 'process_steps.php'


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Some email messages in the current version.

A) Student messages:

a) ETD submission acknowledgement:

Subject line: ETD Submission Acknowledgement

Dear KA Student2,

Thank you for submitting your ETD. Your work has been received and will be reviewed by the Office of the Dean.

Thank you,
RUetd Administrator

b) ETD resubmission request:

Subject line: Update


Thank you for submitting your ETD. When reviewing your work, we learned that the following formatting problems must be corrected before you resubmit your ETD:

Incorrect PDF file uploaded.

To complete the process, you will need to log in to RUetd:

<a href="" title=""></a>

Once logged in, you will be prompted to resubmit the file.

kalaivani ananthan
c) Accepted ETD message:

Subject line: Update
Congratulations! Your ETD has been accepted. If you have any questions regarding graduation or anything related to the Graduate School - New Brunswick, please contact kalaivani ananthan at (732)445-5896 or <a href=""></a>. Thank you.

kalaivani ananthan

d) Account creation

Subject line: RUetd Account Information

An account has been created allowing you to submit your electronic thesis or dissertation. You may log in here:

<a href="" title=""></a>

Username: stuka3

Password: stuka3

Best regards,
Kalaivani Ananthan
<a href=""></a>

Attention, after logging in please change your password by using the Change Password feature found on the main menu.

d) Rejected ETDs:

Don't have a copy of the message right now, but the email had the text that was requested by Marty B.

B) Reviewer messages:

a) ETD submission message sent to reviewer:
Subject line: ETD Submission Notification
Message Body:

Dear RUetd,

I submitted my ETD today.

Thank you,
KA Student2

b) ETD resubmission:

Subject line: ETD Resubmission Notification
Message Body:
Dear Graduate School - New Brunswick, ,

I resubmitted my ETD as you requested.

Thank you,
KA Student2

C) No messages are sent to the ETD administrator or when ETDs are exported for fedora.

Note from KA: I think for the most part the email messages are appropriate and more informative. Any other issues/inconsistencies found in this release (2.2.0) can be addressed in the next release (2.3.0).


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