After uploading files - incorrect status report

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:File Upload Module
Category:bug report

After you upload a file, the file status still reports "Missing all master files;". You then have to go back to the metadata and then go back to digital files, then it reports "All master files are uploaded and/or created."

Steps I used to create bug:
1). Created a new periodical record in "Rutgers University Collection". Type of item selected is text and only the main title information is filled out in "Title Information"

2). Go to "Digital File(s)"-->"Upload More Files"-->select "[Master] original-tiff" only-->select "Server" & "Provide a list of file names"

3). Browsed to a tiff file on the server and selected it. Submitted it and it returns you to the "Digital File Handler" status page where it reports that it is missing the master file and the log reports that nothing was uploaded.

4). Went back to the metadata using "Back to Metadata" button, then went back to "Digital File(s)". The status page then reports that file was uploaded and the log and links are available to the tiff that was selected and uploaded.



Status:active» fixed



Status:fixed» closed


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