Pass embargoed ETDs to WMS 5.1

Category:feature request

Currently, the XML Export function in RUetd does not display or export ETDs that have an embargo until the embargo period is ended. When WMS 5.1 is implemented, embargoed ETDs should be displayed and exported along with non-embargoed ETDs that meet the other selected criteria, even if the embargo period is not over. WMS 5.1 will handle the embargoing.

Secondly, please change the XML Export display to add a column that indicates if the ETD has an embargo.



Status:active» test

Please test. Changes were made to view_submissions.php script on development system


Status:test» active

Embargoed ETDs are not passed along for XML export. Also the embargo period is not displayed on the XML export screen.


Status:active» test

XML Export now displays embargoes ETD's in the XML Export list, adjusted getReadyForExport() script in 'library/export_functions.php'.

Added new column to XML Export display table that shows number of days embargoed. Adjusted getReadyForExport() script in 'library/export_functions.php' and 'content/xml_export.php' .


Status:test» fixed

The XML export function displays all the embargoed ETDs now. It also displays the embargo period in days.


Status:fixed» closed

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