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Some of the code/interface dealing with the Offline Checklist had previously been removed because the feature was not used. The "Add School" screen (Administrator's account) still has an option to say if an Offline Checklist will be used. This option should be removed from the screen.



Version:<none>» 2.1.0
Component:User interface» Code
Assigned to:Anonymous» chadmills


Status:active» fixed



Version:2.1.0» 2.2.0
Status:fixed» test

Completely removed the Offline Checklist feature.


From the 'paper_status' table I removed the status "Approved" with a value of 3. This was not being used. I checked all papers in the papers table and none were using this status.

When a paper was under review and finally accepted the status of that paper was changed to a value of 9 in the paper table. This did not translate to the value 3 in the 'paper_status' table. 9 in the paper_status table translated to "Paperwork Completed". When disabling the Paperwork Checklist capability the status of "Paperwork Completed" was left but replacements were done in the code to make a status of 9 appear Approved.

The fix was to remove paper_status 3(Approved) and renamed paper_status 9 to "Accepted". Why Accepted? This was the terminology used in the reviewer screen for changing the paper status, another disconnect that was resolved. Also the replacements that were taking place in the code were removed.


Status:test» fixed

Offline checklist has been removed from Add School. In papers table, Paperwork Completed status changed to Accepted and Approved status removed.


Status:fixed» closed

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