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In as much as our search is delivering inconsistent and/or unreliable results, I am requesting that users are advised on our SEARCH page that the best way to
search for an artist by name is in the form: "Last name, First name" This method is more likely to locate an exact match, especially in our big group collections.



The 'lastname, firstname' format will not affect the search as it is treated as a lastname and firstname keyword search, and the comma gets zapped in any event before the query goes through. That string, even though it may get formatted for displays, doesn't occur in the underlying data in any event. The lastname and firstname are in different, granular elements under the ARTIST element and are searched as such, e.g., --query '(/.../ARTISTS/_c/.../"kiki" & /.../ARTISTS/_c/.../"smith")'. Of course, there may be several artists with the last name "Smith" and others with the first name "Kiki" who will show up though the string "Smith, Kiki" or "Kiki Smith" never occurs exactly in the object. A keyword phrase search for "Kiki Smith" would look for that phrase and might turn up in a title or description element and give better results.


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But is there a solution to the problem of receiving a "false positive" when searching for "Kiki Smith" or "Anni Albers"? My impression from the Anni Albers inconsistent search results which we documented for Bugzilla 807 is that the searcher is receiving false positives (hypothetically) for a big group collection that included an entry for "Jane Albers" and another group collection that has an "Anni Brown" -- am I wrong?

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