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Project:RUcore/NJDH/Partner Portal Search
Category:bug report

IE 6 and 7 have a URL length limit of 2083 characters. When submitting a search with many collection names this becomes an issue.



Status:active» fixed

Have implemented multiple fixes for this. The excessive length was mostly being caused by the collection[] variable being passed through the URL. Since it is an array multiple entries can be submitted and it is required to search. So a search with many collections increases the length of the URL.

First fix was collection is no longer required. If it is not set it is assumed it a search across the whole portal. Character length goes from approx 2168 characters to 161 characters to perform a simple empty search across RUcore on lefty64.

Second fix was to shorten the collection[] variable to c[]. This saves 9 characters per collection be requested. In quick tests the URI length of an empty RUcore search on lefty64 with all collection variable defined in the URL went from approx 2170 characters to 1677 characters.

Also other variables were shortened as well, see list below. back support is built in so if a bookmark using the old pattern is accessed the new pattern will be applied.

Old -> New
query -> q1
field -> q1field
query2 -> q2
field2 -> q2field
booltype -> q1bool
format -> rtype
timeperiod -> timeperiod
maxnum -> numresults
sset -> start
orderby -> orderby

Finally, old deprecated variables that were being passed have been removed.


Placed notice on RUcore website alerting anyone using Internet Explorer version 7 or prior that currently RUcore search is not compatible with there browser. Copy of text is below:

"Warning RUcore search is not compatible with Internet Explorer 7. We are working on resolving the issue, in the meanwhile we recommend upgrading to Internet Explorer 8 or using an alternative browser such as Firefox."


Status:fixed» closed

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