Approval Notification Problem

Category:bug report

Blank content in Camdent student's approval notification.



Version:<none>» 2.1.0
Assigned to:sdellis» chadmills


Status:active» fixed


Edited ./process_steps.php script. Under the 'Submit Recommendation' recommendation condition the message to send to a student with specfic school information was not being called properly. An approved status is value 9, and the message was accessible when a status value of 3 was passed, which would never happen. Changes the 3 to a 9 and now the proper message is being sent.

Test using multiple schools by creating faux accounts, submitting an ETD and logging in and approving the dissertation. Check email to see what message is sent.


Status:fixed» test


Version:2.1.0» 2.2.0


I am not sure what and how to test this bug.


Status:test» fixed

I don't know how to reproduce the conditions that caused the error. Several changes have been made in the code that affect the status of an ETD and the emails that are sent. Tests of multiple submissions and approvals have been run and the correct emails are sent, so this bug report will be marked as fixed.


Status:fixed» closed

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