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Thursday 5/8 - I am reporting this user error report even though I know it cannot be diagnosed because Chad is away for another week. For this reason I
used my ADMIN function to help the client rebuild the collection entry that she says she lost -- so there is now data in place for the collection.

However, I want to record her report:
5/8/2008 - 2:33 p.m.
From Fran Tracy-Walls, North Carolina State Archives

"I did manage to locate my old password, thankfully."

"I did spend a while entering a new collection (really a series of the BMC Research Project), encoded separately now as the BMC Research Project, Visual Materials. However, at the end after I had entered various names and saved it, I got an error message. It seems that the entire entry was lost--to my horror. If there is anyone there who might look into this, and see if it might somehow be retrieved, I'd appreciate it."



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Do you know what the error message is/was?


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> Do you know what the error message is/was?
Unfortunately I do not -- I only know the date and time. I will write to the user, Fran Tracy-Walls, and see if she remembers.


Please forward the date and time when/if you get anything else from Fran Tracy-Walls.



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DATE & TIME: 5/8/2008 - 2:33 p.m.
user: Fran Tracy-Walls, North Carolina State Archives

"Nicole--I'm drawing a blank on the content of the error message, other than the word Error. My thought was that it might have been a timing out error (though those words were not part of the message) because I took a while entering names at the end--as I was checking for listing in the Getty online ULAN. Wish I could help! Fran"

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