ETD test objects on lefty64 have the sha1 signature listed with the PDF-1 datastream rather than ARCH1

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:ETD Import
Category:bug report

I'm not sure if this is a bug or simply some odd behavior in creating test objects, but I noticed that the ETD objects created recently on lefty64, e.g., rutgers-lib:24629, have the PDF-1 datastream listed in techMD as the sha1 datastream rather than ARCH1 or RARCH1, even though a suitable ARCH1 datastream exists in the object. This has the effect of throwing off both the old and new signature checkers.

The object in question has the following TECHNICAL1 section:
<rulib:RULTechMD xmlns:rulib="" ID="PDF-1.0">
<rulib:mimeType TYPE="file">application/pdf</rulib:mimeType>
<rulib:fileSize UNIT="bytes">1872804</rulib:fileSize>
<rulib:checksum METHOD="SHA1">a9636254375068eeb25cb46cc0b06bf25e2cb195</rulib:checksum>

The object in question has the following datastreams:
Datastream ID Mimetype Label Date Created
ARCH1 application/x-tar How music makes the world go round especially in the classroom: ARCH1 2009-05-07T15:01:00.000Z
DC text/xml Default Dublin Core Record 2009-05-07T15:01:00.000Z
DIGIPROV1 text/xml Digiprov Metadata 1 2009-05-07T15:01:00.000Z
DIGIPROV2 text/xml Digiprov Metadata 2 2009-05-07T15:01:00.000Z
DIGIPROV3 text/xml Digiprov Metadata 3 2009-05-07T15:01:00.000Z
MODS text/xml Descriptive Metadata (MODS) 2009-05-07T15:01:00.000Z
PDF-1 application/pdf How music makes the world go round especially in the classroom: PDF-1 2009-05-07T15:01:00.000Z
RELS-EXT application/rdf+xml RDF Statements about this object 2009-05-07T15:01:00.000Z
RELS-INT text/xml Datastream to preserve METS DMDID/ADMID relationships 2009-05-07T15:01:00.000Z
SMAP1 text/xml How music makes the world go round especially in the classroom: SMAP1 2009-05-07T15:01:00.000Z
TECHNICAL1 text/xml Technical Metadata 1 2009-05-07T15:01:00.000Z



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Fixed. -YY


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