IDs in XML for multiple instances of Tech MD and Source MD

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:Create/Edit Digital Objects
Category:bug report

Here is the comment from Jeffery.

It looks like he's using the SMD-1.2 style IDs rather than SOURCE2 for the second section. This would show up in the item index, which displays anything it finds, but it might be confusing.

I notice that the RELS-INT does not describe these second sections.



OK, if we go this route, let's make it right - what is the sourceMD ID for, let's say, second source for the third descriptive? or what is the techMD ID for the third technical for the second source of the fifth descriptive? -YY


Following on what we've done so far, we could have SOURCE1, SOURCE2, TECHNICAL1, TECHNICAL2, etc. The subsumed datastream versions then get numbered in Fedora style as SOURCE1.0, SOURCE1.1 and SOURCE2.0, SOURCE2.1, etc.


Version:5.0» 5.1


Status:active» fixed

I think this has been changed to Jeffery's liking (though I don't). But please check to confirm. -YY


Assigned to:yuyang» Anonymous
Status:fixed» closed

Closing this bug. If this occurs again, we will file a new bug.

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