Update My Information: Validation and Session Problems

Project:OpenETD - Rutgers Electronics Thesis and Dissertations Platform
Category:bug report

The email and phone have javascript pop-up validation but the first and last name do not. Not sure why. Also an invalid email and non-numeric(alpha) phone number can be entered.

After updating my name the screen still displays "Logged in as:" with my old name.



Status:active» fixed

The validation issues are fixed.

The "session" issue described will not be fixed. The problem here is that the code which updates the session is executed after the template with the logged in user's name is already "drawn", and cannot be moved around easily. Refreshing the page or clicking elsewhere updates it. We may want to revisit it later with a code restructure or use the Javascript/DOM to update the values after the page loads.


Status:fixed» closed

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