Unable to Ingest object

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:Fedora Ingest
Category:bug report

Here is the scenario:

1. I created a video object Title: KA video test) under Test Collection Two.
2. I then went to ingest this object.
3. I was prompted to ingest the collection object.
4. I tried to ingest the collection object. I got "Pop-up blocked" message because I forgot to turn off pop-up block.
5. After disabling pop-up block, I tried to ingest the collection object.
6. I get an error. At this point, I am unable to ingest my collection object and resources created under this collection.

"Ingestion failed! -- passthru returned error: 2550 => XML object file is <a href="http://lefty64.scc-net.rutgers.edu/openwms/test/dwms/ru_local/ru_fedora/fedora_xml/collection_110.xml;" title="http://lefty64.scc-net.rutgers.edu/openwms/test/dwms/ru_local/ru_fedora/fedora_xml/collection_110.xml;">http://lefty64.scc-net.rutgers.edu/openwms/test/dwms/ru_local/ru_fedora/...</a> 1 => ERROR: soapenv:Server.userException fedora.server.errors.ObjectExistsException: The PID 'rutgers-lib:23992' already exists in the registry; the object can't be re-created. HASH(0x125c640);



Status:active» won't fix

The first time ingest (when popup was blocked) went through without problem. Then you tried to ingest the same object the second time using the existing fedora PID. I think, for now, this is not a bug. If you don't think the same way, reopen and present the reason. -YY


Version:5.0» 5.1
Priority:critical» normal
Status:won't fix» active

This is still an issue that needs to be addressed. If the user experience the same problem,unless you or Dave updates the status of the collection object manually, the user won't be able to ingest the resource objects. This can be addressed in a later version but the WMS users must be trained well to disable pop-up blocks. KA


Version:5.1» 5.0
Status:active» closed

Bug no longer exists.

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