Source Technical Incormation - Source Type

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:Create/Edit Digital Objects
Category:bug report

I am unable to remove source type once a source type is selected.

Try this: I selected Photographic as source type and entered CV. Then I changed the source type to film and entered CV. Now I want to enter CV terms for all source types so I went to select the blank source type but I am not able to. It goes back to the last selected value. Even if I go to desc MD tab and then go back to source MD, it retains the selected value. The only way out is to exit and then start as a new record. Even editing the same record does not allow me to remove the source type. This is really not a critical issue as this affects the people entering CV terms only.



Status:active» fixed

Fixed, but when did you start seeing this bug? remember? -YY


Status:fixed» closed

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