View Submissions Submission Detail - Inconsistent Button Styles for Reviewers

Component:User interface
Category:bug report

In the "View Submissions Submission Detail" the style of the button changes when I am viewing a submission that has not been resubmitted vs a submission that has been resubmitted. The prior button is not red it is beige.



Project:OpenETD - Rutgers Electronics Thesis and Dissertations Platform» RUetd
Version:1.1.0-beta» 2.2.0
Assigned to:Anonymous» martyb


Assigned to:martyb» chadmills

For an ETD that has not been resubmitted, the "Submit Recommendation" button on the View Submissions - Submission Detail screen is beige. For an ETD that has been resubmitted, the button is red.


Note that this is for a Reviewer account type.


Status:active» fixed


Status:fixed» test


I am unable to reproduce this bug. Marty will take a look at this bug and may have to compare the color of the buttons on the production system.


Status:test» fixed

The button in both cases is now beige.


Status:fixed» closed

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