View Submssions Detail - Confusing Interface for Setting Embargo as Reviewer

Project:OpenETD - Rutgers Electronics Thesis and Dissertations Platform
Component:User interface
Category:bug report

I reviewed the submission and checked the box to "Check this box to embargo the ETD". I clicked on Submit Recommendation because nothing else seemed a logical choice. I hadn't selected a "Recommendation" from the pulldown so I got a message telling me I need to select a recommendation, however the embargo request seemed to stick. It is confusing because I don't know why submitting a recommendation and embargo's are "tied together" in the interface. Also changes were applied even though I got a warning abut the recommendation.



Status:active» fixed

This bug was fixed by creating a separate "form" for updating Embargo status. Headers were also applied to the reviewer "View Submissions Detail" screen to make it less confusing. If a student requests an embargo, the "toggle" will be checked by default. The reviewer may "uncheck" it. Likewise the reviewer may apply an embargo even if the student did not initially request it upon submission.


Status:fixed» closed

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